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Thanking Ella ‘Lorde’ Yelich-O’connor after the show
It’s a moment like this – where Ella Yelich-O’connor, more commonly known as Lorde, stands in front of you just a year older at 16 – that makes you start to consider your own personal achievements. Just a few weeks ago, I watched the ingenious songwriter, sway her magnificent locks to the clicks of Royals. She continued to impress, silencing the small basement in Auckland, with the first notes of Bravado, also off her first EP, The Love Club. All I could think, amongst the tight bobbing and head nodding that I couldn’t resist, was no wonder Universal signed her at age 12. Taking the phrase “better live” to a new extent, I felt honoured to be amongst the small group of mostly teenagers (after the first show announced was R18), listening to who I feel the title ‘a star in the running’, would understate. 
The only thing I would have changed, is the fact that so many of us are ‘too cool’ or awkward at this age to get lost in such good music, without a care. I didn’t understand how some people could stand there, and watch – apart from if at her extremely significant stage presence – as if they were watching her perform on their tv screen. But hey, we’re still learning to live in the moment.
Listen to Lorde’s EP here
Listen to the opening band, Boy Crush
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