Friday Style Inspiration – Checkerboard

During the Spring 2013 Campaign for Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs took fashion to a new game: checkers. Admittedly, I wasn’t too convinced. My eyes were in a haze after a mere glance at Vogue’s latest advertisement, and the thought of taking the trend on? Unlikely. Stretched across a double page that usually brings immense inspiration, checkers were the only thing I saw in abundance, and I’d already had enough. Sometimes you have to come back to something before it has it’s true effect. 

It wasn’t the bright and retro colours I needed to be convinced of, but the renewal of checks themselves. Originally, three words came to mind: repetitive, boring, and old-school – not in a good way, but rather in a shall-we-all-dress-as-if-we’re-sixties-diners sort of way. 
As usual (whether it took some time or not), Marc Jacobs has me hooked. I happened to be exploring a couple of vintage boutiques yesterday, and to my surprise, pulling myself away from an orange and white checkerboard silk scarf provided some difficulty. Then, came the classic checkerboard coat around the corner. I was lost in it – gladly, this time. I’m not sure what it is, but I’m finally captured by this sixties-inspired yet modernized trend. It looks like flowers will not be the only thing blooming this Spring, but my love for the checkerboard pattern. Hopefully for you too?
I still believe there is a fine line between chic and foolish with this trend. Simplicity is key. Maybe take on an accessible Kate Moss inspired look this weekend before heading into the sixties themselves. Have a wonderful friday!
McKenzie xx
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4 thoughts on “Friday Style Inspiration – Checkerboard

  1. So I looked up the designer of the one in black and white, and it's Alexandre Herchcovitch, which is my favorite out of the lot, but I agree with you. This is a print that you can either jump full on board with or just leave behind. I'm still on the fence with whether it can translate into everyday life, but that Herchcovitch look is soooooo good. – Aliya 🙂


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