Friday Style Inspiration – Uniquely Spring

Living in New Zealand, means attempting to follow the fashion world situated in the Northern Hemisphere isn’t always easy. Of course it’s all the worthwhile, because many trends originate in such places. Yet, when Spring trends light up the runway in April, the wait to put them to action months onwards only seems longer. The trends have been ready, but the weather on our end? Not quite. Fortunately, the Topshop Unique Spring 2013 collection brings enough inspiration to devour until it is. 

Thanks to designer, Kate Phelan, we can look forward to taking on a minimalistic theme, along with a touch of glamour. Unexpected brights make their appearance amongst silvers, blacks and whites, as we head from a dull season to one of the opposite taste. The sophistication is certainly desirable and the loose fits, for the benefit of the easy breezy season, compliment the clean looks. A bit of difference from a spring collection full of florals (I had to agree with this Devil Wears Prada quote) is refreshing in itself. 
The end of the holidays are two days away and surprisingly, I’m looking forward to the beginning of the new term. The sooner this term begins, the sooner Spring will be in our midst. With an idea of what the season has been holding for us, I’m interested to see how we take the trends on differently, or if we are daring enough after a long winter to create our own. You could try experimenting this weekend, but don’t forget tights.. we’ve still got a month yet. 
Enjoy your weekend!
McKenzie xx 
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