Friday Style Inspiration – Lazy Days on the Lawn

A half hour has passed, and the hushed voice of Angus Stone has enveloped my room into a lull of sweet words. I’m transported to such a place – one I share with you now – where grass grows, sun shines and serenity soars. A cliché too desirable to avoid describing. Contentment could not depict the feeling. Though a heavenly editorial may do much better.

          “Find her in the clouds up above..
                                   ..for all she ever thinks about is love”

– Clouds Above, Angus Stone

Here, we roll around the grass in clean-cut blazers, the colour of the sand. Pleated skirts hang off our waists, the colour of the sky, of the spring flowers growing. Model, Josefine Nielsen, is captured in wide-legged pants and warm-coloured knits, gracing the hills of a sunlit tennis resort. Photographer, Katrine Rohrberg, focuses on the details of relaxation and pleasure in fashion throughout the shoot for Danish publication, Eurowoman. She reminds us to remain classic yet free-spirited in our style during times when one lazy day is the only in reach for the next few weeks. It’s okay to take the time out. The Danish know how to do it.
McKenzie xx

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