NZFW – Jetset Bohemian

Fashion weekend seems like a while ago now, but the vintage, and casual-retro inspiration of Jetset Bohemian‘s show is still fresh in my mind. It was short and sweet. It left you wanting more. So much so, I plan to head down to the store to see what one-off pieces I can integrate into my wardrobe. The store has a range of finely-picked brands and unique clothing. A treasure for people who don’t want to find themselves walking around in the same thing as everyone else perhaps in a different colour.

Instead, we can experiment with combinations like boyfriend jeans and kimono-styled cardigans, spunky jackets and skirts, and of course.. suits, suits and more suits! In navy blue, and a sweet checkered green, I was happy to see Jetset Bohemian taking on a trend, of course they excel at. 
It’s said to be a ‘man’s world’, but with the suits they exhibited, there is not much more a women needs, and it’s ours. The hint: perfect tailoring. Mastering the femininity of a masculine idea, and of sophistication itself. 

But wait, there’s more. It was clearly only the beginning of sports style when I wrote about it back in May. A more traditional sports chic look took to the catwalk, with the model sporting (ha) a bright blue Adidas tee topped with an edgy biker jacket and leather skirt. Then, the trend took a newly-found approach. A model turned the corner in .. a shining gold sports tee. I don’t even know how I’d approach wearing such an item, but I saw it and I wanted it. I hate to sound materialistic.. but come on, it dazzled. Though, as is the case often, the model pulled it off much better than I probably ever could!
 Lastly, there was a surprising country-styled aspect to the collection of items, of 1960s/70s inspiration. The flowing and loose-fitting dresses and playsuits deemed perfect for the upcoming seasons. Nothing less than a cowboy hat was sufficient to top things off. Artistic in all senses. 
Thanks again, Jetset Bohemian.
McKenzie xx

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