Happy Sunday (Summer awaits!)

Today, Kate (both Moss and Upton), Elizabeth Taylor, and Marilyn Monroe to name a few remind me that just like the end of term will come, summer will too. It’s not that I’m so disappointed in Spring – no no, actually, it is. Of course, being the optimist I am, I imagined flowers blooming, birds singing, friendly encounters with strangers, or perhaps coffees and scones outside a cafe on a Sunday afternoon. 
Spring has rolled in, and reality has hit us in raindrops. A reality that means even if we attempt to delightfully converse with a stranger, we’ll be blown away in the wind, still holding our coffees and scones. As for birds, they are caught up in the storm that seriously made me question last night whether my window would give in, sending shards of glass across the room, along with a pleasant and much-awaited bolt of lighting. Then lastly, there’s the awkward ‘I don’t want to wear jeans, can’t wear shorts or skirts for the risk of the wind blowing away my dignity along with everything else’ situation that must be dealt with everyday too. And tights win the award for utmost annoyance. The solution is not in tights at all, but rather, the problem. So as you can understand, my desire for summer is well and truly here. 
And with the idea of it in mind, I can finally settle down to excel at the last minute homework and assignment technique. It seems to have taken over my usually organized self lately. Admit it though, there is something frightfully satisfying about doing something last minute and getting away with it.. Reality check (second one today), it’s not the way to go. Funnily enough, the getting away with it part doesn’t last so long. 
To end, I thought the flowers on my desk symbolized (because you can have unfinished homework tasks and still be philosophical) my sort of style in life lately. Some people might see it as an unorganized mess. As taking on too much. I see it as an array of unorganized love for life (optimist, didn’t I tell you). Look closely, and it’s all beauty! 
Happy Sunday everyone!
McKenzie xx
p.s last couple of NZFW posts to come this week! Look out for them!


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