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Katherine, and her blog: two things that lack Low(e)s

Katherine is awesome. A statement, blogger Katherine Lowe has no doubt heard countless times. Although her url sets herself up for such a compliment, it’s her taste and writing style that convinces you it’s true. Katherine has blogged for almost six years now, despite never properly planning to. As all good stories start, her blog came about after she received a gift from a friend. A gift that now leads her expertise in photography and style to places like NZFW. Backstage, that is. Katherine continues to keep it honest and genuine, sharing collections she loves, outfits she’s wearing, and by addressing all the rest in the much-loved series highs and low(e)s, on her personal blog. Continue reading, for my Q&A with the blogger herself.

How did you begin blogging?
Back in 2008, when I had a real job, one of my good friends thought I was awesome enough to have my very own domain name so he gifted it to me for my birthday. It was a bit of a joke, I think. I didn’t do anything with it until he gave me the login and password six months later, where I put up a post out of combination of boredom and curiosity. It sort of just grew from there. 
What do you look for in blogs that you read? Could you name a few?
I have a lot of blog feeds in my RSS reader – I have sections. I have news, and fashion news, where places like The Cut sit. I mostly like to read personal blogs. Slutever is hilarious. She’s a good writer and she’s honest. I like that. Style blogs, I don’t really follow too much, but if I know the person personally, I’ll follow them – Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper for instance. I guess that applies to most blogs I read. 
Where do you get your ideas for blog posts?
Where does anyone get ideas from? I don’t know. I just sometimes think of things and then note them down in my phone for later. Sometimes they eventuate, sometimes not. I guess it’s just things I like, and things I think other people might like. 
What in your opinion, makes your blog different from others?
It’s me. I mean, aside from the really top ‘fashion’ oriented bloggers, we’re all kind of the same, right? Especially more recently. It’s hard work and even harder to separate yourself from others. I guess everyone’s opinion is different though, and if people are reading they’re looking for mine specifically?
Katherine Lowe photographs backstage at Twenty Seven Names show during NZFW

What is the most important thing about being a blogger to you?
That I’m posting what I want to, when I want to.
What brings you back to blogging, even when you’re busy or going through writer’s block?
In what way does your career get you up in the morning?
Blogging takes a lot of self motivation. I don’t know what it is that makes me keep doing it but I just do. It’s weird.
What’s your go-to outfit?
Jeans and a t-shirt. Or even pyjama pants and a t-shirt if I’m at home. 
What trend do you consider yourself a master of? How about an amateur of?
Is ‘casual, scruffy, mess’ a trend? I am a master of none, an amateur of all. 
Sum up your style in three words.
Navy, plain, casual.
Katherine has fun creating her own 2013 Winter Karen Walker Lookbook
You’re just about to run the fashion show of your career. Pick three people to be front row, and justify. 

My parents and my brother, because without them I wouldn’t be here. 
Who inspires you most at this time in your life?
My friends. 
Katherine shares her Fiji Photo Diary

You’re not blogging… What else could people find you doing?
Watching eps. Getting a juice at Ponsonby Central. At work. Driving. Sleeping.
Where is your favourite travel location? Why?
New York City for a fun, bustling city where there’s always something to do. Fiji for a laid back, quiet, warm place with nothing to do. 
Share your favourite quote. 
“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
“My friend Kate just picked me up a pair in San Fran. Can’t wait ’til they arrive.” – Katherine Lowe, about Nike Mayfly Women QS. 
McKenzie xx

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