Indian Summer

Wearing: All About Eve top, Factorie Shorts, (unknown) shoes, Topshop necklace, Zara knit sweater
These shorts are a perfect example of why I don’t limit myself solely to high-end shops and brands. Actually, let me rephrase that. If I potentially could limit myself, these shorts would be why I wouldn’t. What can I say, a student’s wallet has it’s reputation for a reason. 
Nevertheless, I tend to avoid stores like Factorie, despite the affordability, because I find the clothing is often a replica of higher quality clothing or trends. Though I’ve decided sometimes it’s worth a look anyway. Because there are times like these, where you can find exactly what you’re looking for, at an undeniably reasonable price. I love the relaxed loose-fit of the shorts, and the print – to which I’m not sure what to call but I feel like saying gyspy? Anyway, it’s somewhat reminding me of an indian summer, and making me look forward to wearing them on a day more suited (when I won’t need the sweater.. and my hair will appear to be mastering the ‘beachy’ look, rather than the windswept and messy). 
Happy Friday!
McKenzie xx


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