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Parisians tell all

In the midst of pre-exam study (I lie, prior to the pre-exam study I plan to begin), I’ve been indulging in much nicer things. Things too sweet to result in disappointment, and too easy to choose over exams. I’m currently reading a style guide by Ines de la Fressange and Sophie Gachet, called Parisian Chic. Because when it comes to any form of lifestyle, parisians live the model exemplars.

Wearing: CottonOn top, Primark shorts, Rubi shoes loafers, Ruby and Kit bag, River Island watch
If I’ve learnt anything, it’s that you don’t have to be born in Paris to live like a parisian. Of course, here’s where we all come in. Although I’m slightly ahead, considering I not only wear stripes and loafers (is this something only I consider very ‘french’?), and almost walk everywhere, but I also study the language de la ville. Yes, here we go. Now is where you let me subtly promote my 5 years of french (commend me below if you feel inclined) and also where I will not be demanded for a whole french conversation – perks of the online world. French teachers should learn to be more easily satisfied.
Since we’re on my evident similarities to a parisian, I may as well tell you that completely coincidentally, I have found myself in a french restaurant dressed in the colours of the french flag more than twice. Actually, one of the times I absent-mindedly fooled a true Parisian into thinking I was one in the same. Now that tested my french vocab, if anything. In the line to the till, he told me (this part in english, thank goodness) that he met his wife in Paris one summer, and asked her to marry him under the Eiffel tower. They’ve been together ever since.. I’m starting to think I wrote this post just to share this story. 
But honestly, I didn’t. I write, to share with you two of my favourite Parisian tips for style. First things first: one must know the wardrobe of a Parisian is not full of the latest high-priced items, the must-haves or the most popular. In fact, majority of the time, I am told, a parisian avoids such clothing. Instead, they gather a perfect range of affordable clothing, if they be holiday buys, or items sourced from vintage markets or boutiques. Also in contrast to common assumption, the style of a Parisian is often based on must-have basics, like a blazer, or a little black dress. Style lies in how you compose these basics. Adding flare comes in the way you transform each piece, that may have originally lacked an outstanding factor. Bored of the way you dress? Can’t afford to keep shopping? Start styling the basics differently, the Parisians say.
Lastly, a tip that is everlasting- if it feels good, wear it! Which is exactly why I’ll be wearing trackpants and a tank to study tomorrow – have a good week!
McKenzie xx

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