What all girls really need to hear

“Love yourself”, “Celebrate your body”, “Accept the skin you’re in” – we’ve heard it all before. Of course, the wording differs slightly. As for the effect- eh, debatable these days, but most likely remaining the same: “I will.. once I become this weight” or “Well, that’s easy for a Victoria’s Secret model to say.” And honestly, I no longer find deep significance in these often corny and frustratingly simplistic body affirmations. Especially when they do come from women whose bodies are celebrated at the biggest annual lingerie show worldwide. As much as I love the Victoria’s Secret models, being relatable is one quality they are less likely to be praised for. I appreciate quotes like “Love Yourself” and their regular attempt at simplifying a massive topic too. But frankly, by themselves, they just don’t work. In fact, their simplicity almost makes them easier to pass by. Loving yourself is not a simple topic, and as much as it needs to be said straight, there are complications that a two-worded affirmation does not cover. More or less, it on almost all occasions will not convince the girl pulling at her stomach in the mirror.

This is why, when I came across these 10 Better Body Affirmations, I had to share them today. They made me stop and think, even reconsider the way I think about myself. I feel like they come from a slightly different angle than the usual. They may not change your outlook completely, but if anything, they are definitely a start. 
(p.s quoting Clueless to end on a light note – always a win)
McKenzie xx
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