And so we beat on

Wearing: Sass and bide top & Country Road skirt (of friend, Charlotte’s), Forever New shoes
It’s amazing how much you can and can’t do when you have so much time on your hands. Everyday I’m unsure whether to be basking in the glory of nothingness, that any other time would bring me 257 projects behind, or to take action towards an undeniable inspiration to do all. Maybe even become something these holidays – hahaha. Is it possible to be lazy and motivated at the same time? If so, 2014 doesn’t know what’s coming.. or it does, and I’m beginning a lethargic summer the way I should be. To pride myself, I share a few recent moments which brought me out and about: A tramp around west Auckland, to which I throw the word fabulous in the mix because I love walking + incredible views – need I explain my pose further. And then the opposite, a friend’s birthday celebration. To which brought black and gold, and a wee smug smile. So I just wanted to say, life is good. Maybe it’s just summer, maybe it’s just life. Stop me before I become too quotable. I hope things are just as good on your end, and if not, I will attempt to improve them in the way I can with exciting posts in store..
McKenzie xx


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