’tis The Season

Isn’t it funny how our mood and even personality can change depending on the time of year? New Year brings slouches into sudden pro-active mindsets and motivation. Then later on, winter brings out anger and frustration at newly-found 10 pounds, and a lost umbrella. Yet, you’ll hear no complaints from me at the mood and personality change that Christmas indeed invites. The christmas carols, the sales, the food, even the simple ‘Merry Christmas’ from the gift wrapper .. well it’s all set to cheer you up without trying. If that’s not a bit of jolly to you, then watch the movie, Elf. You’ll feel it – man, the seventh time, you still feel it. 
With Christmas just a day away, Christmas spirit is high, and advent calendar chocolates, low. But all is fabulous in tinseltown, because putting aside the forcers of Christmas spirit (which I admit I am often surrounded by), or the commercialistic nature of such a holiday, Christmas is an excuse to be excessively happy. Other times of the year (Winter, par exemple), people might question your motives (or use of french). Not at Christmas. People will understand your need for unusual amounts of chocolate, sending random gifts to yourself, and consistent smiling. Why, Christmas isn’t just an excuse for happiness. It can be an excuse for anything (I assure you there is no such thing as too many ‘Christmas’ meals out).
Enjoy yourself, no matter how you spend it!
McKenzie xx


  • McKenzie Collins

    Oh man I definitely have a sweet tooth for chocolate! Yesterday, I had this decadent chocolate tart during yet another christmas meal! Not something for the summer bod but ever so in the spirit of Christmas! Hope you've been treating yourself too, and had a great Christmas! New Year's up next! x

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