Newly Found Love for Magdalena

Sharing editorial love has become both a hobby and a necessity on Currently Loving. Spring/Summer campaigns call my name as loudly as advent calendars at this time of year. This one though, comes as a bit of a surprise (to me, at least). Oddly enough, I used to be quietly confused about the liking people took for model, Magdalena Frackowiak. I’ll be honest (though sounding like a critic is hard to avoid) – I found her look a bit harsh, and thought her almost too thin, when she walked the VS Fashion Show last year. Though I’ve really grown to love her recently. I’ll even go as far to say she would be one of my favourite models lately. Maybe it was her amazing walk this year at the VS Fashion Show, maybe it’s this shoot for Filippa K‘s Spring/Summer 2014 campaign. I don’t know. Nevertheless, I love her bold look. She looks like a strong woman. For some reason, remaining stylish but seeming ever so profound. Unafraid to dress femininely one day, and classically take the reins with male-inspired outfits the next. I thought it worth sharing anyway. 
McKenzie xx

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