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The View from Four Eyes

I feel like an introduction towards this month’s interviewees is hardly necessary. Most Aucklanders would recognize their faces from appearances on 3 News during NZFW. And if not recall their names, at least recognize their game. Familiar or not, the four guys running Auckland’s hit street style blog, FOUREYES, have a clear curiosity and devotion to fashion. Chin, Danny, Mino and Alex are not afraid to dress how they want, and undoubtedly, who they are. And for guys, that’s often hard to come across. Although, their own style is not all they share on the blog FOUREYES. Capturing Auckland City’s most stand-out and stylish citizens is something they also share a passion about. Together, a dentist, a graphic designer, an airline marketer, and manager in retail, talk to Currently Loving about coming together on an extra-curricular activity that has brought them as many opportunities, as it has inspiration, fun and insight into the streets of Auckland City.

How did you begin blogging? 
We met about 3 years ago and one day over a Facebook chat, we decided to start the blog as there was
nothing in New Zealand that focused on the looks that we love. We actually met up the
next day and it all went from there!

What made you decide to capture and share the street style unique to Auckland?
New Zealand has so much to offer in terms of originality and how people carry
different looks and we thought a blog was the perfect platform to showcase that.
What in your opinion, makes your blog different from others?
All of our content is self-created in terms of photography and written components whereas a lot of
other blogs tend to use images and material from other websites or press releases.
We also blog every single day which is uncommon.
What do you look for in the blogs that you read?
There is usually something inspirational about the blogs that we follow and we like originality,
something that is difficult to find in blogs these days as most cover similar things.

What is the most important thing about being bloggers to you?
That we have a unique point of view and unique tastes. We are objective and what we put on the blog is a true
reflection of what we like.
What brings you guys back to blogging, even when you’re busy or going through writer’s block?
The fact that we have a following that are now used to tuning in everyday to see another look that we
have spotted on the streets! It’s a lot of pressure with our busy lives but something we are all
personally committed to!
In one word, describe your own personality.
Alex: Fun
Chin: Disciplined
Danny: Obsessive
Mino: Spontaneous

And together, we’re balanced.

Sum up your style as a group in three words. In what way do your personalities influence your style?
Black, unintentionally matching, simple.
Isn’t one’s style almost always a direct reflection of one’s personality?
Are there times when you disagree on the fashion choices/decision-making of one another?
 How do you get past this? 
Definitely! We have 4 very distinct tastes but having said that, we overlap a lot of the time too.
The blog is a platform for our four unique points of view as well as our combined tastes.
What are your go-to outfits?
Alex: Jeans, t-shirt, and blazer
Chin: An oversized t-shirt worn with pants or shorts. All of this in black or white.
Danny: Something all black
Mino: A simple monochrome look

What trend do you consider yourselves masters of? Amateurs of?
That’s a very hard question.. everyone has such different style and we try not to follow trends too much.
There are some trends that we incorporate into our personal styles but we tend not to get caught up
with what’s in and what’s out because these days anything goes!
Let’s imagine you’ve been asked to create a fashion show out of your combined wardrobes. 
What’s your opening piece and why?
That’s the second very difficult question! We would obviously differ in opinion on this due to the fact that clothing means
something different to everyone. You might like something because of sentimental reasons or because you personally really
like the style of something so to choose one opening piece from our wardrobes would be very hard.

Who inspires you each most at this time in your life?
Alex: My family
Chin: David LaChapelle
Danny: Wong Kar Wai
Mino: My parents

What was the most exciting part about releasing your book?
To see a collection of our work in a beautiful, tactile format that you can hold in
your hands and feel. The official launch party was pretty exciting too!

What’s next for FOUREYES?
Watch this space! We would definitely like to hit ID Fashion Week in Dunedin as we have never been and we are also keen
to cover Australian Fashion Week again as well as some of the other international fashion weeks –
finding the time is our only obstacle!

Where is your favourite travel location, and why?
That depends on how we are feeling. We love New York for it’s intensely crazy pace,
Italy and Spain for its food, Barcelona for its beaches and Paris for its culture and shopping.
Do you have a motto or quote you guys like to stick by?
Be open and take any opportunity that presents itself as you never know where
the next fun project or collaboration will come from?

McKenzie xx


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