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“Not all those who wander are lost” is a quote by J. R. R. Tolkien, that if I’d not researched otherwise, I could believe came out of the mouth of this month’s interviewee,
otherwise photographer and blogger, Laura Allard-Fleischl. An explorer would seem a cliché or possibly cringe definition of a girl who enjoys wandering in the dark, and
savouring simple pleasures. Why? Because the word explorer is overused, overplayed on characters often unworthy. And Laura’s ideas, her photography, and her honesty,
are definitely not. She produces innovative and thought-provoking shots, and finds inspiration through and throughout road trips and gigs
(to name a few). I hope you enjoy Laura’s answers to an interview for Currently Loving as much as I did.

How did you begin blogging?
I just had too much time on my hands one school holiday, and creating Pony Hunter was something to do.
What do you look for in the blogs that you read? Could you name a few?
I don’t really read many blogs – CookSuck is good – I mainly just stalk other photographers portfolios when I’m online.
What in your opinion, makes your blog different from others? 
It’s mine. Haha, I’m not sure, I try to put an emphasis on image quality, as I’m a photographer,
 so that’s much more important to me than actually blogging or whatever.
What brings you back to blogging, even when you’re busy or going through writer’s block?
I’ve made some good connections through it that have helped with my photography career.
If it wasn’t for that, I don’t think I’d keep the blog.
What is the most important thing about being a blogger to you? 
Not taking it too seriously. (Laura, I couldn’t agree more.)
Where does the inspiration from your photography come from?
Everywhere and everything!
Who inspires you most at this time in your life?
Oh man, I have no idea, everyone I’ve ever met in my entire life has inspired me in one way or another, I couldn’t possibly pick one!
Anything you’re currently working on? 
Yeah, I actually have a few editorial projects I’m currently in varying stages of working on right now,
and a campaign – you’ll have to keep an eye out, haha.
In what way does your career get you up in the morning?
 Photography is just what I love, I can’t explain why because I don’t even know, it’s just something
 that’s always an adventure for me and I can’t see myself getting sick of.
What’s your go-to outfit?
That changes from day to day, usually a combination of things lying around that I’ve been too lazy to put away.
What trend do you consider yourself a master of? How about an amateur of?
I’m not even sure I know what’s a ‘trend’ right now, it changes so frequently so I don’t see
the point in keeping up with that. I just buy stuff I like and can afford, then wear it when I want to.
Sum up your style in three words. 
Not very organized.
You’re not blogging or taking photos.. What else could people find you doing?
Catching gigs with my friends, checking out local exhibitions, making mulled wine, exploring.. whenever I have a free day,
 I just walk for hours and hours until it gets dark or I’m properly lost, then catch a bus home.
Where is your favourite travel location? Why?
Again, there are too many to narrow it down. I road-tripped through America with my boyfriend early last year though
and that was sick, going from snowy peaks at Yosemite national park to 100F in the middle of death valley
in the space of a day, absolutely insane. And blasting Johnny Cash and Entrance out the window
while driving through Nevada backcountry.
Imagine you’re just about to run the fashion show of your career. Pick three people to be front row and justify. 
All my friends, because they’d tell me it was awesome even if it sucked.
Check out Laura’s portfolio here, and blog here.
McKenzie xx


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