Strangers do the same

Wearing: Jacket (opshop), dress (Pagani), watch (River Island), shoes (CottonOn)
So it turns out after all this, I’m just like the rest. At 9:09pm on a usually innocent old Monday, my airport stopped working and well, I almost had a mini panic attack.
I was searching online and trying all these different tips- but no, they didn’t work for me – and I rebooted the thing over 10 times surely. The worst part though, occurs
the eleventh time, when the four black bars light up to the sky like a rainbow. I tell you, I blew kisses to the screen, I was so happy. Worrying? Eh, I blame it on the
 motivation to avoid the ICT department (my last resort when pressing the power button a few times and closing my eyes fails me). Perhaps, I really am as much of a
sucker for this online world as the rest of y’all.

Anyway this balmy night is returning me to my calm place. This photo was taken on a similar night in Whitianga.

McKenzie x

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