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The best of Thursday

My first thought: what a dull day Thursday is. It’s like that friend who doesn’t really say anything, but is just there, you know? You don’t really notice it until you do,
 and then it’s just really annoying. Anyway, this afternoon, Thursday got that bit better. I was scrolling down my tumblr feed (as all good stories start), and my eyes
grazed the 1955 Ford Thunderbird. Now honestly, I couldn’t really care less about cars. But, if this rolled up outside my school, I’d kiss the bus and it’s $1.10 stages 
good bye, and drive off into the sunset. Sans a licence and a care, my friends. Wind in my hair and responsibilities back at the stop sign I just hit (“I totally paused”). 
Then I’d meet the two current queens of everything, Rihanna and Lupita Nyong’o at Paris Fashion Week. Afterwards, we’d go for milkshakes at a diner, because I’ve 
got my car, and well, what else do you do with people this cool? I might mention I don’t even like milkshakes, it just seems like a good idea right now. 

So Thursdays are good for one thing – imagining the life. Even if the one we have is pretty great too. 
Things to come on the blog over the weekend. Make sure to look out for them!
McKenzie xx

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