Music for a Silent House // Feel Good Edition

Before I introduce my favorite way to listen to music, I have to apologize. To the fact that sometimes laptops are more painful than they are useful. You know how
 I mentioned my internet stopped working recently (i.e tsunami warning), well, turns out it was only the beginning, because now it won’t even log in (i.e tsunami has hit). 
Now, on a usual day, I would proceed to having a ‘why do bad things happen to good people’ meltdown in front of it, wipe my tears and move on after a good, relieving 
45 minutes. Not today. Today, it hits home further, because I made the commitment. I said what I’d been working on would be up this weekend, and clearly, it’s not. 
So, regardless to whether anyone has actually noticed/cares, or I just have a lot of personal guilt right now, I’m sorry. Let’s move on.

Meet the Feel Good Edition of my music series. I would say its rare, but in the scheme of my daily routine, it’s really not. It’s equivalent to ‘dancing around the house’
pop music, but bigger, and better. It’s more ‘I’m happy to be alive, let’s create a flashmob and spread the vibes’ music. So pretty much music for your everyday mood.
And if you don’t wake up in it, because your alarm isn’t as uplifting as Yolanda Adam’s ‘I Believe’ (genuinely a previous alarm of mine), then you’re gonna need a few
good tracks to get you into it, for when the flashmob passes your house. Honestly, all you need is a system with a good bass, to listen to ‘Golden’ at 0.50 seconds,
and you’ll be alongside me.

As for the post I was working on, as soon as my laptop decides to tone down the hilarity, it’ll be up. Have a good week everyone!

McKenzie xx

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