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This Met Ball, we’ll call Best Dressed.

I love the Met Ball. Someone remarkable once said, you know you’ve made it when you have a big, extravagant dress. And the pinnacle of excuses to wear it. 
And if they didn’t, I’m saying it now. It’s not the highest point we’ll reach in our lives, but it’s pretty up there. If the $25,000 entry fee (for those who aren’t Rihanna,
 i.e most of us), didn’t exist, the Met Gala would definitely be top of the list for my friends and I. Actually, saying that, maybe that’s the point of expensive entry. If it 
wasn’t, then it’d be open to people like us. Classy as we are, I can see Victoria Beckham’s look of disgust now. So obviously, it’s restricted to the elite of the elite. 
Despite how sweet the transition to sixteen may be, I’m not there yet. I don’t think I was the only one not on the list either.
But so what if we’re not actually there? I wasn’t at the Lincoln Memorial when Luther King spoke ‘I have a dream’ either, yet I still attempt to quote it on average of three
 times a day. I’m really getting quite good. So I figure just the same, we can get inspired by designer Charles James. We can decide whose dress (and body) we’d have stolen if 
we really went to the event commemorating him. We can critique choices, as if we have the same right as Anna Wintour. And by the time we’re famous and invited anyway, 
we’ll be prepared.* There’s no chance we’ll be worst dressed. 
So above are this years version of what I’d wear. Of course, Rihanna is included because she could wear jandals and socks, and knock everyone else’s choices out 
of the park. Then there’s Kate Bosworth looking effortlessly pretty in pink, and Marian Cottilard in navy Dior with a very french red lip. Even Mary-Kate and Ashley 
are back on the scene, preppy and chic as ever. There’s nothing not to love. 
Which one would you wear?
McKenzie xx
*If this happens to you first, don’t just assume my invites coming. ‘Cause it might not be.
 I mean it probably will be but just invite me as your +1 anyway.

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