One of those days

In the scheme of things, today feels pretty insignificant. I woke up in a pretty dull mood, after failing miserably to fit any work into a hectic weekend.
I reluctantly dragged unfinished tasks of last week, the same ones I’m procrastinating now, into what’s supposed to be a fresh, new one. Today. 
A day, when the idea of walking out of school and just walking and walking and walking seemed perfectly pleasant and idyllically responsibility-free. 
I know there would be a point where food and shelter and all that might become an issue, but there’s so much bliss in not thinking straight,
 I am so close to taking it up full time.

I’ve never really thought of myself as someone who seriously disliked school. I still don’t. But I’ve always felt sorry for the people who claim it as their best years.
 Then what did you do for the next 40? Either way, knowing it’s not forever is exciting. And sometimes, when we all start to blend into one synchronised character,
relieving. One day we’ll all be different people, who aren’t fighting for the same useless thing. We’ll do something that we know means something.
And if it doesn’t feel right one day, we’ll stop. Start something new.

And I guess, that day, I’ll no longer feel the need to walk and walk and walk. Because I’ll already be there.

McKenzie xx

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