A month before 16

I remember drawing up a post about May or photography month during the earlier days of this blog. I shared photos I loved throughout the month –
likely to have been sourced from Tumblr. Let’s be honest, a source of inspiration I still can’t help but share things from. But it’s kind of cool to be sharing
more of my own stuff now. Originality is a breath of fresh air, that I feel I’m desiring more and more. I guess it could be the same pang that artists, musicians
or photographers get. There’s some sort of desperation to keep trying to find something new. It’s good to know our intention to merely blend at 12 is gone
by the time we’re 16. Otherwise we’d probably all be at the same place we are now 20 years down the track. It’s seriously good to know we do get better. It’s also
probably that thought that absent-mindedly gets us out of bed everyday. It certainly helped on crisp mornings this May. The photos speak the month better than I can.
It’s a bit cold, it’s reflective, but it’s also kind of sunny, and happy and mellow. I buzz with energy most days, but others, time is slow, and I’m just there
to be there – you know? Hell, I don’t even know – but my birthday is in 7 days!
McKenzie xx

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