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Frankly, the hype around coming-of-age isn’t as fabulous as it is portrayed in prom movies. I’ve tried dropping books by my locker; 
apparently no guy is rushing to get lost in my eyes. More likely would reality greet the guy brave enough, with Wednesday’s newest zit. Surprise! Of course, one lucky 
thing takes its firm position in the reality of coming-of-age. It’ll be fun, they said. Suddenly I’ve remembered why an all-girls school with no one to impress is appealing.

Boys or not, I still suffer from a day of uninvited gazes when a zit crashes my soiree. It’s a day (or a few) of awkward and short interactions. I don’t blame people 
for forgetting where they usually look in conversation. I attempt to turn away myself, point at a skyscraper, create a diversion. But I am trying to hide an elephant
 behind a desk chair. And it’s not working all that well: they’re still looking. I’ve lost my cool along with the track of the conversation. I’m thinking about the gigantic 
thing on my head too.

Luckily, at this age, we’re just as accustomed to learning lessons. Here’s one I’ve learnt. It’s almost always better to suck it up and solve a problem, than it is to deal 
with the weight of it. Because zits this size are bloody heavy. Here’s a product we can use to clear them: Clinique anti-blemish. Honestly, with a teenage wallet, 
it’s a 30ml product for $39.99 that I’d usually shy away from. But 4 other $10 products that don’t work, make this one that does, all the more worthwhile.
Clinique doesn’t need a 3 hour long commercial. Take it from me if you will- it just works.
I don’t usually deal with beauty on my blog, but I do deal with confidence. And I do believe it’s what makes us. Finding it is what makes such an awkward age, 
one we ought to endure. But I say there’s no harm in speeding up the process. Do so, via the Clinique stockist list.

McKenzie xx

Photos: Outtakes from the ‘Home‘ shoot.


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