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To Do: Wellington

Here’s two things you should know about me. 1, I’m almost never daring with food. And 2, I’m not big on fish. Oh and I’m also stubborn. 
So if you throw salmon on my plate and tell me it’s going to be good, I’m probably not going to believe you. 

Last Wednesday night, I ventured out of the rain, the 6pm traffic, and away from all things school, to The Capital, a pop-up city in Silo Park. Here, my brother and I
 spent the evening celebrating the best restaurants and bars of Wellington. Or rather, discovering the flavours we never realised the city had. I even grew to like the fishy one. 
With chefs, bakers, barristers and artists at every corner of the silo, we began roaming at 6, and didn’t stop until after 8. I now have about five new favourite things,
including Duke Carvell’s mackerel bagels, and the Italian owners themselves (to my brother: “Does he want a bagel? He looks like he wants a bagel.”). At Grill Meats Beer,
 another success from Steve Logan of Logan Brown, we hesitated, but not for long, before indulging in seconds of the meat sliders being served. We couldn’t get enough of
 the unexpected textures, and that soft, complimentary taste. I swear if I wasn’t going to Fiji in a few weeks, I would have had thirds. 
This excuse didn’t last me long against Wellington’s inviting temptations. In fact, I kind of (completely) forgot about the upcoming trip, when I eyed Leeds Street bakery.
Placed right beside Flight Coffee and The Wellington Chocolate Factory, this was my zone – so obviously I tried everything from salted caramel cookies to an actual cacao nib,
 to dark chocolate (wrapped in the coolest, aboriginal packaging), and finally, the most delicious combo of coffee and chocolate milk ever. The accompaniment of dark
 chocolate sprinkled with salted caramel and ginger definitely contributed to it’s ranking. Then, there was Six Barrel Soda’s all natural raspberry and lemonade soft drink,
 available in celery tonic and sarsaparilla too. All so refreshing and light, they’re unlike any soft drink you’ll have ever tried. 
Amongst the store-inspired stalls, and outgoing owners, my final favourite thing of the night: Estere Dalton. It was her soulful voice, her style, her original, unexpected music
 (all made in her bedroom) that convinced me. To add to it, she has the most loveable personality, and has toured in random places like South Korea.
Because, why the hell not? It seems that was the exact mantra of my evening, especially when it came to trying paua fritters by Logan Brown, pork fusili by Scopa,
and a soft pork bun by Ti Kouka. It appears Wellington has some pretty damn cool places, and some even better people. If anywhere, right now, it’s the place to be.
That, or near a stockist. I’m running out of salted caramel cookies.

McKenzie xx


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