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21st Gift Guide with Redcurrent

Before I get lost in a tangent of Fiji posts, let me address something. No, not just something – potentially the most understated first world problem out there. Gift-buying. 
Don’t get me wrong, it feels great to give. Although when God put us on this earth to do so, he made it sound so easy. He also didn’t mention the amount of time we’d spend 
wrapping bottles of body wash and shower cream. Surely if I’m sick of wrapping them, people are sick of receiving the damn things too. They’re a perfectly lovely gift, but that’s
 just their problem. No true friendship is built upon politeness. In fact, it’s only when politeness disappears that the friendship is really established. Soaps and creams and 
moisturisers have saved us the stress of birthdays in the past. But the gifts cut the impersonal and effortless line too close as our friends edge towards 18, never mind 21.
I call this a guide for a 21st, but ultimately, it’s the guide for birthdays that require a substantial effort. You know, gifts for the best friends, or for the older sisters. 
You can use this when personally drawn picture doesn’t quite make the cut (don’t worry, I thought it was good too). Fortunately, you don’t have to spend too much more to 
ensure a gift of the same quality.

So where do you start? Well, you’ve got several options. If your giftee isn’t already thinking about leaving home at 21, here’s your chance 
to kick-start the train of thought. Buy them something special for the home. If this be a scented candle, a signature cushion, a photo frame or a vase, they’ll appreciate any 
attempt towards making an average flat a bit of them. Next, you’ve got the classic option. Something every girl will appreciate. A coming-of-age gift, even. Gift them with a bag, 
or a purse. But not just any one. The Redcurrent range says independence. They give a girl the confidence to run their own show as of 21. And perform it understatedly classy.
 The last option, gives you room to make it more personal. It’s not for every girl, it’s for your sister, your best friend – and only them. Perhaps a cook book, because they love cooking,
 or because they seriously need to work on it before you come over. A photo album full of pictures of you two, or a dear little journal to kickstart their uni years (even if it has to work 
hard to overshadow their horrendous handwriting). 
It’s time we all did something a little different. I’m a big believer in birthdays. And I believe in showing we really care. Your friend will appreciate it, as will Redcurrent
and with 15% off, so will your wallet. Seriously, it’s only going to take one more bar of soap before people start getting offended. 
McKenzie xx

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