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Sundays ft. Luna & Co

I woke up like this. Actually, add a clueless ‘what is sunlight?’ expression, tired facial indents (similar to the pattern on the blanket above) and a teased mane of 
hair to Bianca’s fresh face. Now we’re painting a more realistic picture. Instagram’s Breakfast Club are less likely to. Still, the details of my Sunday morning look 
do improve. In fact, for the past few weeks, I’ve learnt to balance out the shock of my face, with the prettier shorts I’ve been wearing. It seems I’m convinced and 
comforted by something I’ve helped create. Sundays (and sleepers).. meet Luna & Co
We’re a new, sleepwear company – in fact, we just launched a few months ago – and we’re based in Auckland. Me and 7 others, including Rosa Shand, blogger at
  Rosa & Fox, design stylish pyjama shorts, currently available for $30 in 3 different designs – pale blue, checkered and a red design (limited edition for $40). 
But that’s not the core of Luna & Co. 

In starting our business, we saw more than the opportunity to fill a gap with quality, well-priced pyjama shorts. We saw the chance to empower women. 
Whether struggling and hurt, or safe and comfortable, we aim to connect women throughout society. Luna & Co spreads warmth, and the belief that someone else
 cares – even if it be a stranger. With this in mind, we created a give-back model that our company bases itself around. For every three pairs of shorts sold, we donate 
a pair to women and children at the Women’s Refuge. Our hope: to bring a feeling of home, to people who don’t have the access.
Our shorts are available online at – although selling out quickly! Mostly smaller sizes remain of the three designs, so it’s a good time to gift younger 
friends or family. It’s never too early to think Christmas, especially with a good cause in mind. In return, next year could see a second Luna & Co collection.. 
Follow Luna & Co on Instagram here, or Facebook here, to keep up with our journey of empowering women through sleepwear. Never cliché, and never said enough: 
it’s time we stand behind each-other.
McKenzie xx

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