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Fighting Perfection

Wearing: Lee shorts, Glassons throw-over, Piha swimwear (Wow from the 2014/15 collection)
I read a quote just a while ago… in fact according to iPhoto, on the 28th of July this year. Along with cafés I must visit, and deals I must snap up,
 I also screenshot quotes I want to see again. It turns out that I didn’t need to screenshot this one at all. It’s now the 9th of October, and honestly, 
these words (or maybe their order) haven’t left my mind since. They’re also potentially fixed in the minds of 75% of the people I communicate with. 
You see, when I run out of my own quotable dribble, of which one day someone actually might quote, I look to more reliable sources. Ones that over me,
 have both life experience and a level head. Just in case you missed me sharing this one, the quote comes from Alber Elbaz, fashion designer at 
Lanvin fashion house. It goes:
 “I don’t like perfection – I think it’s dangerous. There is nothing after perfection.” 
It’s around this time of year when we’re going into exams, that I feel the last sentence couldn’t be more relevant. Now more than ever, we strive, and we compete.
 We’re never quite prepared, and never overly satisfied. For years we’ve nodded our heads at people who say “you can only do your best”, just to shake them when 
we don’t match or exceed someone else’s. We question why we can’t be it all: smart, sporty, social, stunning. And when we get no answer, we strive harder. 
Some of us, to the point of cracking. 
I don’t think I’m talking dribble when I say that we need to learn to admire one another and move on. In an ideal world, if 8 hours of study works for one person, 
we’ll widen our eyes but carry on with 2 hours anyway because that’s what works for us. We’ll admire a girl with long legs, realise ours may never grow half 
the height, and then wear shorts, because at the end of the day, they’re ours, and 56% of the time, when we’re not tripping, they’re pretty damn good at being legs. 
On a sunny day, we’ll choose the beach over study. Later that night, we’ll scroll through Instagram to see other people surrounded by notes, and get this: we won’t
 feel guilty. At the end of the year, we’ll watch people being awarded in assembly. Maybe we’ll go up, maybe we won’t. We’ll see our friends after and blame it on the
 beach day, laughing, because at the time it felt right. We’ll pretend it was one time. We’ll go back to class and find ourselves laughing in the corner again,
 forgetting to copy what we promised would be impeccable notes this year. We’ll ignore the stares of those who have committed to it. We won’t smirk back at them
 for doing so. We will have more late nights for early hand-ins, more close-calls, more I-shouldn’t-have (eaten/drunken/missed/attended/worn that) moments. 
We’ll get to a stage where we thank God that we can’t truly reach perfection, because life would be so bloody boring if we could. 
In the nature of this realisation, above I wear something a bit fun, a bit daring, and maybe only wearable in this way in a place as hot as Denarau. 
I plan to wear this bikini top subtly under other things in the future, because breaking social conformities is awesome (to a certain extent, Miley)
I’m also a sucker for spontaneity, doing the unexpected, and a little bit of healthy rebellion. I feel like the neon pop captures this well. As usual, 
the wind comes accordingly, never sure whether to make me look fierce or of lion-descent. 
Take it as you please, and have a good weekend (study-packed or not so),
McKenzie xx


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