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We as humans have never been afraid to ask the big questions. We’ve pondered the meaning of life, the purpose of existence, the guy up there and
the dreaded place below, for centuries. It’s become tea-and-biscuit conversation for us, a chat over berries and seeds for our ancestors. If anything
 the 21st century proves the questions we’re asking are only getting more in-depth.
“If you didn’t Instagram it, did it even happen?”
 Not only do we ask the big questions these days, we also answer them – this one being easy: no. The same answer can be used to respond to “If you don’t
tag it below a selfie, are you even a #girl?”. Though come to think of it, you’ll find boys hashtag it too? The world (*Instagram) is a crazy place, full
 of crazy, debatably conceited, otherwise loveable people. If you aren’t following me @currentlylovingblog, below is what’s been happening, or rather,
 the few reasons I can help you feel less lost in the future. I have you covered in pretty much all areas (there’s that conceited side we know and love).
Introducing ‘What You Missed – Instagram Edition’.
1. I used to laugh at people who took photos of their food, until I became one of them. Admittedly, I have a folder on my phone full of screenshots of people’s
meals I want in the near future – I’m not kidding, your Sunday’s waffle from Dear Jervois is probably, in fact, guaranteed to be on there. So as I’m ticking these
 fantastic eateries off the to-go-to list, and finding new ones along the way, you’re going to benefit from access to the goodness. I promise to tell you where’s
good, what’s best, who I’m with, and as always, keep it real if I’m alone, feeding the emotions or both. In exchange, you guys might just be my new excuse for
 every time I treat myself to Burger Burger, Best Ugly Bagels or Little Bird Organics. When Mum complains that I’m spending too much money on food,
I’ll say it’s for the people, #giveback.
2. I couldn’t call myself a style blogger and not share #WhatIWore or the odd #OOTD on Instagram. I try to keep it as interesting as possible,
skipping the pyjama days, likewise the denim-and-tee ensembles. Then however often, I decide to share them anyway. A little disclaimer: I believe life
is too short for dressing up just to dress down, hence why I’ve never photographed something (unless for an editorial) that I haven’t gone out wearing.
 It’s easy to wear something fit for a fashion-y photo. Having the confidence to wear it amongst those accustomed to the safety of sports leggings and
throw-overs is where the real fun begins. Along with a look into my daily style, you’ll find sneak-peaks of upcoming shoots, and outtakes of previous ones –
 the good and the bad!
3. At the best of times, there’s a bit of background to what I wear or what I’m thinking on this blog. On Instagram, I reveal that for a bit more guidance
 I’m reading this book ‘How to be Parisian Wherever You Are’. Yes, after last year’s Parisian Chic inspired post, I’m still wondering. These little tips are the back bone of my
 life decisions, and also double up as great coffee table books. This one’s funny, succinct and pretty empowering. I’m learning how to pout, how to spend a
weekend the Parisian way, the importance of a little black blazer and the irrelevance of age. And then of course, I’m going against a lot of it because frankly,
 I don’t care if Parisians don’t eat breakfast, I’m hungry at 8am and a croissant at 12pm just doesn’t suffice. Yet another Acai bowl tagged @littlebirdorganics,
and you’ll know what’s holding me back in my Parisian endeavour.
In the nature of the blog, I’m also sharing what I’m loving of the moment, and a few little things I’m supporting too. Lately, it’s this Skinfood X Breast Cancer
collaboration. It’s an idea and an innovation that I’m pretty damn passionate about. This wee pink bottle is breast cream, and the idea is that we start to integrate it
 into our daily beauty routine. Why do we need it? Well, aside from being a lovely moisturiser, this cream acts as a reminder. 1 in 9 women develop breast cancer
in their lives. The victims are those simply too late in noticing. The breast cream, however, forces women and girls to know their boobs, to be aware of any change,
 and of all, to raise their own chance of survival against Breast Cancer. It’s true any moisturiser will do, but just as it is we prevent Breast Cancer in the future,
it’s important we help those already affected. Because $2 from every bottle of this breast cream is donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation, I’ll be going out
and buying another as soon as this one runs out.
You won’t want to miss getting on board something like this in the future. On a light note, I also post the odd, quirky sign for good measure.
They’re make-your-day kind of stuff. Head on over to @currentlylovingblog on Instagram for more of it.
Happy Sunday!
McKenzie xx

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