In Between

Wearing: Neuw shorts, New Look Chelsea boots, black coat, CottonOn shirt, Lovisa rings
Transitional periods are awkward, period. There’s the journey from kid to teenager (pimples, hormones and all), the days between Christmas and New Year –
 where no one is sure which to celebrate – and of course, the few weeks between each season when Mother Nature becomes as decisive as a kid in front of an ice 
cream freezer at Mobil. She just can’t make up her mind at all. She’ll fool you with a 28 degree beach afternoon, just to wake you up with a bucket of hail the next 
morning. Every quarter, she figures she’s ‘Mother Nature for goodness sake’ (or at least, that’s how I imagine she’d say it), concluding that if she can’t have it all, 
well who can? That’s where the phrase/song/reality of four seasons in one day truly implements itself.
So what do you wear when even the weather can’t decide? Raise marketplace, an initiative encouraging customers to buy and sell gift cards, inspired me 
to think about it. After a little self-analysis, I have an answer. You challenge Ms Weather herself, who I’m sure is feminist, and you do the same. Be prepared 
for it all. Wear shorts, because you’re anticipating summer, but always with tights underneath, as the sun will never come without a breeze this inter-season. 
Wear a lot of black, it’ll give you confidence. It’ll also make you resemble a preacher if you wear enough – actually maybe that’s just standing outside a church.
 Nevertheless, black is a colour (yes, it is) that works no matter what the weather. It’s eternally giving off that careless, but bold vibe. Finally, rely on lighter coats
 or jackets that can be hung over the shoulder as soon as the sun comes out, and snuggled back on as the wind returns. Keep accessories minimal, we ought 
not to be weighed down when running to shelter. As always, let your hair do what it wants, because no matter how hard you try, it will anyway.
Of all, enjoy a hopefully sunny Labour Weekend, and these pictures taken by a lovely, talented friend of mine.
McKenzie xx

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