I Need Your Help

When I first started this blog, I wrote for myself. I wrote about things that interested me, and included
images that inspired me. To this day, I do the same. However, it’s slightly different.
This blog, it isn’t just for me anymore. In fact, it’d be limiting if it was. Nowadays, I write with more intention than to vent. I write with an idea of the things I want to achieve, and the person I want to be. But I also seek to associate this with your goals, the idea of bettering yourself whether it be with newly found confidence, expression with your style, or inspiration for a new mindset, a different outlook. Currently Loving being a personal blog (and the owner being highly unqualified) all stems from personal experience. From the person I am now, and too, the person I have been. I’m edging us to make changes, take chances, and to always celebrate each moment. How we’ll celebrate? We’re always discovering new ways. Giving up on perfection, and trying new things are just a couple of them.
Considering you’re such a large part of what this blog is, and being that 2015 is my fourth year blogging (wow), I want to hand it over to you. I want to know if there’s something you want me to address – whether it be as significant as staying positive, or a topic much smaller, like my favourite café destinations (which nevertheless lead to happiness, so either way, we all win). If you’ve wanted to know my
opinion, a girl’s, a teenager’s, or a blogger’s perspective, this is me standing forward to reply.
So here goes.. An empty box. Please do fill it with your thoughts (I’ll fill future posts with mine).

Much love,
McKenzie xx

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