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Let’s Talk About The Edit.

While it’s still hot outside, is thinking ahead.


What’s on their mind? An inevitable chill, black paint in the sky at the early hour of five. In case the first coat smears, they’re handing us a jumper. A jacket to sling over our shoulders. A beanie that like Zoella makes even Winter look desirable. is introducing the second season of The Edit.



And basically, I want it. Not in a beggy, little school girl sort of way. I want it because it displays the place I’m at in a combination of cuts.




Alone, femininity can be boring. The Edit brings attitude. It’s the unimpressed response of anyone who has ever been encouraged to dress for a guy. If dressing for ourselves is selfish, then I’m about to invest. In addition, there is a desirably-Parisian vibe to the collection.



Included are all the greatest signatures: a good pair of blue jeans, stripes and a slouchy beret.




When feminine silhouettes are met this well with contemporary styles and comfort, it’s time to finally commit to the money-saver scheme we’ve been meaning to. For me, this means eating in. A hard task for a café hopper. A necessary one for expanding my style. Thanks to decent pricing, the sacrifices shouldn’t last too long. From what I can see, it’s about to be damn worth it.


The Edit collection is spontaneous and understated in the best way possible. Formed by basics, and bold cuts, Autumn and Winter have never shared a better half.


McKenzie xx


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