Things I’m Grateful for This Week

1. Jungle – Drake (in fact, this whole Drake album).
2. Staff only days.
3. Strangers who talk to you as if you’re not strangers.
4. The Glass Goose. Seriously, that haloumi, pumpkin and grape combo.
Best thing that happened to a Thursday since Geeks on Sainsbury’s waffles.
5. Blue sky and sun in winter. Ah, yes.
7. Toothpicks and this guy’s effortless cool (above).
8. Late night walks.
9. Willow Smith for I-D.
10. The people who like your grams on both their main and personal accounts.
Keep your friends close, but these people closer.
And of all, enjoy a well-deserved weekend!
Images taken in Krakow, Poland.
McKenzie xx

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