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A 70s Summer


I tend to gravitate towards vintage in the Summer. I spent last Christmas in one of my favourite Audrey Hepburn sundresses. Black and white plaid, it cuts off above the ankles. Like a majority of my wardrobe, I discovered this gem in an op shop. I eyed it on the hanger, very aware that the second I put it over my head it was to look either gorgeous or plain terrible. Fortunately, I favour a good midi, and this was more than. It was the type of dress that one doesn’t just love, but simply adores.

There are days too in Summer when I attract to dressing much less sophisticated. I take on vintage,this time amid the pitch of a 70s cricket game. You’ll spot me in cropped tees and high waisted shorts – again courtesy of nearby op shops (my go-to’s are Tatty’s and Recycle Boutique), or rather, old collections of Zara. 


When I wear vintage during the Summer, I’m emulating the kid who grew before technology. The one who spent afternoons stamped by grass stains, who played Sunday sport. The one who found herself absolutely bored and clueless; she turned to tackling her siblings.

I’m talking of the kid who knew her streets like she did her neighbours, and less, their parent’s car. Car washes were an excuse for water fights. To alert the tar to our burning feet.

There’s something so special about Summer. And it’s not just the way it pulls us from technology. Perhaps more, the way we are content to leave it. Going off the radar feels as refreshing as the sea we’ll disappear into instead. We’ll happily bask in the simple life of road-side stalls, fresh strawberries and sweet, sweet sun. We pick up sand the way babies do on the beach: utterly bemused by the way it falls through our hands.

My affinity for Offcut Caps stems from a similar one with Summer. The New Zealand-based company launched a week ago just in time for Christmas. More than recognise, they appreciate the little things in life. In fact, they’ve based their brand around such an idea. A classic 5-panel, it isn’t about the design; it’s about the fabric that characterises it.

Adrien, co-owner of the start-up, describes the story behind the name with a notable passion. “Offcut Caps makes use of what otherwise would be thrown out. We’re re-using the desirable of leftover fabrics sourced from large manufacturers.”

IMG_2657 2

Because the fabric is by nature, in short supply, each cap is near to exclusive. At around $60-$70, you’d never know you were investing in a collector’s item.

I urge it to be your signature this Summer. You’ll look back and draw memories out of it’s classic cut, knowing that they, like the cap, are yours, and purely so. Better yet, you’ll find comfort knowing clear, night skies – the ones that made you feel both alive and at home – will do more than return next year.

Offcut Caps are all mass production is not; they’re about individuality, distinction and sustainability. In fact, they’re reminding the clothing industry of such ideas. They’re bringing their Coronas together to say this is Summer, this is 2015 – and so we can keep dressing 70s-styled – we’re here to make it last.

Check out their website here, and of all, enjoy the easy season!

McKenzie xx

Wearing: Zara top and shorts, Offcut cap, River Island watch

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