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1. Free Champagne. Any event which welcomes with a glass of champagne – and follows through by offering free top-ups – is a good one. It’s not a reason to come as much as it is most definitely a reason to stay. Last night, the opening was said to finish at 7.30pm, however, people didn’t start vacating the scene until at least 8.30pm. This, I took, as a suggestion of the stimulating people, an equally riveting atmosphere, and undeniably, the fact the bottles were still bubbling. We’re humans, and we’ll take any excuse as one to celebrate – even at the beginning of the week, whereby nothing has gone notably wrong or right yet. We’ll celebrate solely because NZFW is a thing. I’m not in a position to argue, so instead, I find myself declaring cheers and sipping on another glass.

2. Suits. Why don’t guys wear suits everyday and just roam around the city looking super dapper and determined? Why, instead, do they have to dress as if there eventual destination is nowhere all the time? I’m not sure what half of the guys here actually do with their days, but the fact they wear a suit – and it’s not plain black (although this is damn good too) – assures me that it must be something significant. I’m also not certain if all of them have been dressed (I know some of them have), but regardless, I’m impressed they’ve accepted the discomfort for the sake of their look. I dig it to the same extent I dig a decent leather shoe on a guy. I’ve got Tony wearing both about 3 times this week, so as you can imagine, I’m incredibly – and probably temporarily – satisfied with the state of men’s fashion right now.


3. Open balconies (and open backs). Leading off the main room of the opening was this balcony that looked over the entirety of Auckland City. For the likes of me, it was both mesmerising and heart-warming considering I’m not here often these days. For others, it was a place to sit back and gossip. To look over your shoulder while sipping on an NZFW cocktail. These types are certain they have something seriously important to say. Perhaps they do. I don’t know, I don’t dabble in the gossiping part. I just take the photos and fascinate in the Gatsby mood of it all. If you’re wearing an open-back dress, I’m even more likely to capture it. There’s something (awfully) ravishing about showing off the back. Whether I can only see it because yours is turned to me, well, that I couldn’t care less about.

4. Dressing in duo. You could probably wear a totally shit outfit, and if you wore it in combination with someone else, I’d take a photograph of it. I saw these two models who appeared as if they were twins – granted, this kind of looking alike is not a choice – and I was so enthralled, I near to followed them out for their photo yesterday. Further yet, at the opening, there was this couple: the guy was dressed in a full white suit with white shoes, and she wore long white palazzo pants with a jewelled white cami. Apart from the fact that they were inherently beautiful, the fact they dressed in a complimentary manner made them even more so. If you’re hesitant about how to #NZFW, dress in unison with your mate. Here’s at least one member of the media who will take your photo.


5. Anything that glitters (is gold). I’ll tell you now, a lot of people don’t muck around when it comes to following this philosophy. I don’t blame them. Most of the time it doesn’t even matter the way in which you dazzle – if it’s fortunate or otherwise. There’s this excitement about bedazzles, this confirmation embedded in each bead that the event you are attending is big, better yet, worthy of an outfit that shines. If it shimmers, it’s probably high fashion, and you should definitely wear it during the day as a subtle suggestion for how edgy you are.

6. Anything that isn’t seafood. Look, I understand that oysters and mussels are delicacies, that we are right by the sea, and that this is the city of sails. But for a picky eater like me – I’m vegetarian and I also don’t like a lot of food (yeah, I’m that person but I try not to be annoying about it) – by serving solely seafood, you’re just asking that I get very drunk. That, or very fat. I wind up going unnecessarily hard when dessert is served. I had a few of these chocolate and raspberry treats last night, and had we not made the call to go for a late dinner, well, I would have kept going at the chocolate. Idea: let’s ditch the mussels and serve some vegetarian quiche or something. Nope? Okay, no worries.

7. People who smile, and are keen to chat. As much as Fashion Week gets a snobby rep – the coffee guy said “it’s fashion week, they don’t expect you to ask their names” just earlier today – people really aren’t as bad as you expect. Approach certain people – especially media! We’re all on the same hectic boat here – and most are ready to have a laugh with you, even learn about you and what you do. On top of the shows, this is what makes the environment super inspiring. Perhaps it’s just the nature of Kiwis to be so friendly and genuine.


8. Kiwi Humour. Speaking of Kiwis, I believe there must be a remarkable difference between the way we approach Fashion Week to the way it’s done internationally. We escort our chilled, laid-back approach to what otherwise could be a snobby, upper-class event. “There’s nothing like Fashion Week without a fuck-up”, laughed the main singer mid-performance at the opening. I’m not sure what went wrong but regardless – and to steal his favourite word – it was fucking crack-up.

9. Len Brown chatting up more ladies. And so the Kiwi references continue. At one point in the night, I turned to Tony to admit my snap story had shifted from covering NZFW to capturing all Len Brown’s latest moves – each and every seedy (mostly normal) action. I find if you put a wink-y face by almost anything, it can look inappropriate and suspicious. It’s great fun, especially at events where people like Brown have assumed you’ve forgotten their past simply because they now wear a suit and are congratulating Dame Pieter Stewart. I still remember, Len. I’m also sharing it over social media, aware that this may influence others to remember. #sorrynotsorry


10. Mercedes Benz. To be fair if Len Brown is driving one of these this Fashion Week, I’d be happy to edit this post and never speak of his dubious ways again just to join him. I don’t even care about the looks we’d get. Because damn, those cars look bloody glamorous outside Viaduct Events Centre. Plus, Mercedes Benz is one of the biggest sponsors of Fashion Week so I owe the brand a gram. I’m not usually phased by cars, but these are just goddamn sleek. You offering, Len?

Lets be honest, Len’s always offering.

It ought to be noted I didn’t intend for this to transgress into an attack against Len Brown, but for the post is titled seen and liked, do take it as a compliment, Len. For whatever reason, you made it to seen and liked – better yet, to the top 10.

More scandalous things to come. Y’all should look forward to it.

Much love,

McKenzie xx

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