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The First Entry


This Christmas I was gifted a whimsical journal titled ‘musings’ on the cover. For days of December I dated entries and placed small thoughts. I tied the turquoise bow and coupled it with New World receipts and travel pamphlets in my leather bag. Here it has stayed much of Summer.

On sunny days in February, I found myself instead drinking cocktails and nibbling on parmesan-sprinkled fries. I could be caught skinny-dipping at the edge of the city, recording moments through laughter and morning coffee.

Today, the sun is out again and to the beach, I’ve finally brought my journal. I have begun my first entry: 27/02/16. Returning to writing has already proven more difficult than anticipated.


A scribble and I’m back. To today, to March, to 2017. My gaze rests on the gulf before me. It’s warm and cicadas chime in a tune of their own. Every now and then, a 747 growls above. Once a speck in the distance, life becomes quiet and peaceful here.

Wellington has been a vacant town for most of the season. Stuff nationalised our lack of sun and freed up rows of people crossing the North Island skies. The sun, now fierce on my back, has begged for the revision of those words.


Warm days have since welcomed the return of holiday-goers and students. I have too— and yet, I know I will miss the emptiness. Along with familiar faces, the city gave away convention and normality for a moment too. A feeling of home was sacrificed for the essence of being far, far away.

Wellington was my own; a new and foreign destination where I made friends with strangers, worked in a small café— even, fell in love.

Home found me again two weeks back. I opened my stubborn, green door to a close friend and that wide grin of hers. Below still skies and over the kitchen stove, we gossiped of life from morning till eve. Paris is always a good idea. But running for a place where no one knows our name is far less romantic than it promises to be. Often, there is something as dreamy to be found in a familiar face. I have found it in customers, in walkers and in friends.


As March fills with people – old and new – so too does my schedule. Soon, I will return to uni full time. My work routine will find stability again. The girl who has spent Summer in fits of laughter on hills she forgets the name, she shall find stability too.

Consider this a small hello from her… and a reminder of the things to come. At some stage I’ll wake up from this Summer nap and start sharing everything I learnt over hibernation season. 

I look forward to it. Hope you all had a great Summer!

McKenzie xx

Wearing: Lovisa earrings, Stolen Girlfriends Club floral dress (with thanks to White Wardrobe)

Photos by Darina Mohammed

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