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Last Thursday, something magical happened. And since then.. nothing has been quite same.

On introduction of Sydney’s first custom design hotel, The Collectionist, the horizons for the entire Sydney hotel industry (and likely, the industry far beyond too) underwent vast expansion. It would seem that the days of black uniforms and a bed laden with stiff sheets are far behind us — at least, so long as the team behind The Collectionisthave their say.


It was Monday this week where I would experience the magic for myself. As previously mentioned, I woke for a 5am flight on Monday morning. I would head from my now home of Melbourne, across to Sydney for MBFW.

My initial mood of the day, while excited, was also edging on frustration: I hadn’t anticipated the early morning traffic we would face and this was already setting me behind in my schedule for the day.


This was quickly forgotten, however, when I arrived at The Collectionist. I was welcomed by a heart-warmingly friendly fellow at reception. To compliment a smart shirt and tailored pants, he adorned a set of quirky, pink suspenders. Already, I loved it here.

With a welcome drink in hand (I chose water, but in hindsight, I probably should have opted for wine #fashionweekthings), he proceeded to take me around all available rooms. Of these, I could choose absolutely any room I wished to stay in. The decision depended on just one thing: my own concept of the perfect design.


To bring us this hotel, as well as the plethora of rooms which comprise it, required the minds of seven designers, four top design firms and 13 artists. Here is the craziest, coolest and most conceptually-clever part about The Collectionist. Such a team have more or less initiated our entering a new hotel per the opening of each and every room’s door. It’s all happening (and I mean, it’s all) right here at The Collectionist on Marsden St.

When The Collectionist asks us to #choosedifferent, by all means, they have chosen their words wisely. Never have I ever stayed in a hotel that allows you to choose your room, based on your personal taste.


And I’m not just referring to the choice of blue over pink. I’m talking punk to highly feminine and boutique; a Byron Bay getaway to wandering the local art gallery. These are the extremes we’re getting offered here.

While my typical tendency to be indecisive annoys the hell out of most people, it was both welcomed and even appreciated here. After all, this place is intended to entice: it performs much the way of creativity and expression.


The Collectionist is a home away from home, but in a far larger sense than we’d usually take away from the statement. This custom design hotelis not solely offering comfort or familiarity — arguably, it offers the opposite, in fact. The Collectionistis an escape. A dream. An ideal. It’sa lifestyle. And you get to choose exactly the character you play within it.

So I can only guess what your next question will be.. who did you choose to play?


It’s an easy answer, really. I walked into the Tavi room and was instantly taken by the feminine and fashionable design. The colours: white, pale pink, grey, gold and turquoise blue. The textures: plush faux fur, the softest of velvet and striped satin.

Fittingly, the Tavi room is named after Tavi Gevinson: a girl who single-handedly pioneered the fashion blogging scene. Her blog Style Rookie gained attention when she was aged just 12. Now, at 21 years old, Gevinson is the editor of Rookie Magazine. She is as much a credited writer, an experimental fashionista and budding actress.



Now, what better way to feel inspired for Fashion Week, than to find myself here, in a space dedicated to Gevinson? I am consistently reminded of the power of entrepreneurship, and also, of the importance of a creative, personalised space towards our mindset and the level we perform at.

Few people can argue that their hotel space, of which is usually limited in design and attitude, is a place in which they source great inspiration. Here at The Collectionist, it would be difficult not to be inspired. Even harder.. not to dream.


I have Willis Sheargold — a design partnership between Susie Willis and Matthew Sheargold — to thank for this gorgeous space, and for shaping a most beautiful accomodation experience. After several stressful and long days, this room has been a haven.

Together with their team, Sheargold and Willis have moulded the urban luxe theme that travels across majority of rooms at The Collectionist. It’s a theme which has been interpreted and represented in a multitude of ways, through dark and light palettes; feminine and masculine tones.


Sheargold has also worked with the award-winning Ovolo Hotel Group. In light of Ovolo’s partnership with MBFW, I was fortunate enough to be taken on tour around the Woolloomooloo site on Day Two of Fashion Week. It’s safe to say that Sheargold has the Midas touch; a distinguishable and inventive approach towards contemporary design.

In addition to Sheargold’s talents, such a fond experience as I have had, can be attributed to CEO & Co-Founder of Collectic Hotels, Daniel Symonds. Thank goodness he was so impressed by a customised car-hire experience in the U.S. — so much so, that he decided to bring the concept to the hotel industry here in Sydney.


This has honestly changed the entire game, and I’ve been so fortunate to be one of the first here to trial it. With the addition of SMS service (available for check-in and check-out too), I have felt absolutely catered for in every manner. The hotel staff are much more my friends (a warm group of like-minded, creative folk), than they are reception minders whom I pass on the way to my room.


To say I’ve been impressed would be a significant understatement. Simply look at how comfortably I’ve settled in. I have found more than home away from home here. I have found me away from home too.

To the team at The Collectionist, there’s no doubt that I’ll be back again.

McKenzie xx


    • currentlylovingblog

      Hi! It was reasonably small to be fair — however, I don’t think I factored it in too much, based purely on what I believe the hotel is trying to be. If you were looking for luxury, you’d certainly expect that. You’d also expect a full-blown reception, room service and a breakfast buffet. I saw the rooms (and the hotel itself) as far more apartment-styled and contemporary in structure. For that sake, I suppose I didn’t expect too much more bathroom space. Plus, the focus here is on the design of the rooms themselves, as opposed to the bathrooms. With that said, it depends entirely on what you’re looking for in a hotel. If you’re looking for your spacious and very practical Intercontinental, this just isn’t it. I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all — it’s just a different concept and with that, it displays different focuses or priorities. Such a good point to bring up though! Thank you! Would love to hear more about your stay if you wish to share!
      Have a good one!
      McKenzie xxx

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