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It’s Official: We’re Off-duty, MBFW.



All I can think right now is thank god it’s only four days. My brain is fried. My capacity for writing has well reached its limit. Even my face and my body feel like they’re melting, tired from having to lift themselves up and appear to function.


If not for several day’s sleep, at this point, I’m definitely due for a brief social media hiatus. For the duration of Fashion Week, I’ve found myself living, breathing and eating content (literally). In many a ways, the extent of work I’ve completed in such a short time has made these few days feel like weeks. Now, walking into my last show (Justin Cassin), I’m breathing a sigh of relief.




After this, I will head back to my hotel, pick up my bags and meet with a friend for dinner before I fly back to Melbourne. I’ll head back to my cute, little apartment. Back to my cute, slightly less little boyfriend. And back to my definitely cute, definitely little-in-the-grand-scheme-of-things daily routine too. That is, if it could be classified as a routine just yet.


Before I left Melbourne, a typical day in my life was hardly settled nor confirmed. Officially 2 months in as of this last week, it is still very much shaping itself. I look forward to being back in the city to both watch and to pioneer its eventual form.




The truth is, it’s always a refreshing and inspiring opportunity to enter a world much larger than your own. Even, to stand aside people of arguably more significance. But much as I value to throw myself here, I’ll be glad to put myself back too.


Without disappointing the many people who assume I’m European (sometimes I wish this were true too), I’m a young, Kiwi girl at heart. And with that being said, I like to think of myself as reasonably down-to-earth and humble.




Indeed, I love to dress up in lovely things, to go to lovely events and to stay in lovely places. But there is also a huge element of me that doesn’t mind doing the very opposite. Who am I kidding? I more than don’t mind it — I love it.


I won’t deny it as much as anyone, that one of the most simple pleasures in life is sitting down with dinner and watching your favourite TV show. It’s slipping into track pants after a long day of work, and letting your legs fall onto the couch with you.




It’s wrapping your arms around your partner; asking about their day and truly caring for the answer. It’s offering a tired giggle, and opening a packet of darn, indulgent salt & vinegar chips.


While my stories, my grams and my posts may have appeared desirable and grand in nature — and don’t get me wrong, they certainly have been — I’m all for maintaining the little things in life too.


I often throw shade at the mundane, expressing my eagerness to avoid it. But it’s often when you go away — when your life gets thrown so far from routine — that you do crave a bit of good old mundanity. For once, it seems ever so appealing.




I don’t think this is a bad thing at all. It means that we love our everyday life. And that’s what I’ve come to realise here in Sydney. That the fact I’ve enjoyed myself at Fashion Week, and also that I’m ready to go home is indicative of something very significant. That my life in Melbourne is giving me exactly what I moved for.


A sense of satisfaction in the everyday.


Day 5 of 5 days of Fashion Week here in Sydney, and I’ve gone for a very casual, off-duty look. If this isn’t a sign for where I’m at, I don’t know what is!




Similar to most Fashion Weeks I’ve attended, by the final day, I tend to have lost the capacity to care too much about my appearance. I just want to have fun, to take my hair out and to celebrate what we’ve done here! Even, the fact that it’s over.


I know what you’re thinking: um, McKenzie, your hair has been out, like all week. But you know what I mean. I want to take it out out. Does that sound wrong? I’m not sure. I’m also not sure if I need several G&T’s or several Green Teas right now. I’ll likely opt for the former.


The point is, I’m ready to head back. To give my skin a break from make-up; my legs a break from faux walking.






To everyone involved: my make-up artist, Therese Kazzi; my photographer, Anzu Prenter; those who dressed me at Carley Rose the Label and Esther & Co; those who hosted me at The Collectionist Hotel; to the designers who showed their craft; to the people who showed so much kindness and openness. And last but not least, to the baristas who served black gold… THANK YOU.




You’ve made this week everything it was. My very first Fashion Week Australia.


Before I go on my hiatus (let’s be honest, this’ll probably last a few hours), I have one last thing to say. Thank you to the readers. To every single person who reads a post on Currently Loving; who watches a vlog; who likes or comments in response to what I put out there. To anyone who shows interest, who backs who I am and what I do. Thank you.




Your support, although perhaps minor in your eyes, is so wildly appreciated and significant for me. You allow me to do amazing things, starting (and ending) with sharing my voice.


You make my writing worthwhile. You make me want to write. And to keep writing. When you engage, it makes everything so much more purposeful.


So thank you for giving me that purpose. I sincerely hope you know the smile it brings to my face. It’s the same one that you’ve brought to it, since I began my blog back in 2011.




Thanks for staying by me. Thanks for watching me grow.


Until next time.


McKenzie xx


Wearing: Bronze Snake Jinxy Cami in red, Dylan Jeans in blue, Topshop biker jacket, Myer backpack, Hannahs shoes, Asos sunglasses, necklace (unknown).


Make-up by Therese Kazzi


Photography by Anzu Prenter

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