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8 things I wish I said at #NZFW.



1. David Attenborough dressed me on Day 3 of NZFW. 


I’ll be honest, Day 3 was a new look for me. In fact, I’m not sure I really knew the look I was going for at all. As a result, we’ve got an outfit that says [from the bottom up]: I’m going for drinks, but I’m keeping it casual. I’ve also got an early start as a cadet tomorrow.




In hindsight, I could have justified it by spinning some yarn about networking with David Attenborough for Fashion Week — particularly given that this year, Edmund Hillary’s family presented their first sportswear collection. I reckon I could have convinced Attenborough was somehow associated. And that it was his idea to dress the colour of a rusty rock, copper dessert dressed by khaki shrubbery.




Yarns aside, there’s something I love about this outfit. Perhaps it’s the earthiness — or just the fact that it’s something quite different for me. It’s so far from girly that it’s quite satisfying. I’d be scared by a girl who showed up to drinks sporting this look, you know?


One could always take off the military jacket and reveal the criss-cross tie crop beneath it. This may act to soothe the situation slightly. My point is, there’s a lot of depth to this outfit — much like the Galápagos Islands I presume.




2. The New Generation and Graduate Shows are worth attending.


In the past, I’ve found that the New Generation (including Couture) and Graduate shows are several of the quietest at Fashion Week. Given that all media delegates are invited, and too that these aren’t established brands, there is perhaps less of an exclusivity or an eliteness surrounding these shows that makes people more likely to opt out.


Untitled collage (6)


With that said, the New Generation and Graduate Show were two of my favourites I’ve attended so far this NZFW. It’s something exciting to resonate with an up-and-coming designer, not solely because they feel accessible and intimate. What’s to say as well that this isn’t the beginning of a very long journey for them?!




I vacated from Day 3 particularly excited about two brands: first was Olli by designer, Holly Norman. Having intended to create dramatic designs purely for photographic purposes, she never actually intended to sell her clothing. Until, of course, the pieces caught the attention of many who sought to purchase them.




Now, presenting at NZFW, her playful use of ruffles become her signature in this collection, along with a crisp colour palette. Norman’s pieces remind me of an enchanting, architectural building — and yet, somehow they still feel wearable.


Untitled collage (3)


I followed Caitlin Crisp on Instagram pretty quickly after the NZFW Graduate Show, because I equally feel the need to follow where this one goes. To say I wanted everything would be an understatement. She sent down the runway a beautiful Burgundy suit; a beige ruffled crop with flared pants of a gorgeous brown plaid; then, a dress with MORE ruffles of the same plaid. It was as if the plot of Cinderella changed and instead of transforming her rags into a magical blue dress, she made a gown out of a tea towel — and get this: it was THE coolest thing ever.




Other memorable emerging designers included Susan Colton, whose palette was calming and elegant in every sense. Havilah (last name Koledoye), whose mix of ready-to-wear and totally outlandish designs kept me hanging in the best possible way. And finally, Dennis Raymond.




You might recall on Instagram, I mentioned that Dennis [last name Jackson] is the brother of my boyfriend, Adrian Jackson. I’m searching for a word other than “sick” to describe his collection, but honestly, nothing’s coming. I attribute this to one thing [atop my tiredness]: it’s simply the type of clothing he makes.


It’s smart, classic menswear — and it’s sick. Dope. Whatever you want to call it. I’ve potentially just overheard A.J. talk about it too much and picked up on the lingo (because frankly, I can’t remember the last time I personally used the word dope in a sentence). You get the gist.




3. Would you mind if I occupied your boat for the entire afternoon?


I could have said this four times over. Hej Hej presented their 2018 Cruise Collection on a Pacific Eagle Yacht, parked in the harbour just across from Viaduct Events Centre. After a morning of dark cloud and persistent rain, the sun came out in perfect time for the show at about mid-day.




Untitled collage (2)




By 2pm, it was time to board the yacht, grab a gin cocktail, sit back and soak up the sun. Models paused their conversations to pose; wind in their hair and smiles on their faces. The whole scene, setting and concept was just perfect. The boat had a capacity of only 50 people, so it felt intimate and special. It was unlike anything else at Fashion Week.




We didn’t need to envision the inspiration behind this collection, for we were quite truly living it. And I wanted to keep living it. All afternoon. Gin cocktail after gin cocktail. Had I been free of commitments post-show, I may have done just that.


4. Tired or not, I’m heading to Stolen Girlfriend’s Club.


Keep in mind this is what I didn’t say. What I did say was more along the lines of, “Oh my god, I don’t know if I’m going to make it.” Tony’s response: “I’m like 50/50 right now too.”




The show was to start at 9 — but we all know what that means. It’ll probably start at 9.30-10. And given that it’s offsite, you probably won’t get home until past 11. And when you do, you’ll want to go straight to bed to clear yourself the drinks now swirling in your head, courtesy of the open bar.


Untitled collage


Tony and I eventually agreed that we’d regret it if we didn’t go. By the end of the night, I was glad I made the effort. Whilst I felt the show itself was a mix of messages and themes, it satisfied in its usual, grungy-leather fashion. The setting of the show itself was moody, smokey and cool.




On another night, it would have put me straight in the mood for the after-party. By this stage, however, having had a drink or two as well, I was about to pass out. After my busiest day at Fashion Week yet, all I wanted to do was sleep.




5. I’m being experimental with my earring choice.


Don’t think I haven’t noticed that I’ve worn hoops almost everyday at Fashion Week. I’m quite aware, and frankly, I think I’m rocking it.




When it comes to the way I dress, I don’t like having to think about too much at once. Hence why my passion is fashion — and primarily clothes. You’ll notice I rarely go over-the-top with accessories, and I definitely stray from doing so with make-up too.




I multi-task far too many times in the day to do so in the morning, when I dress myself too. Earring differentiation is the task I’m sacrificing at the moment — next week, it’ll probably be make-up in general.




6. I ate something that wasn’t carbs today.


I think I ate nachos, pizza, salt and vinegar chips or nothing this Fashion Week. That was my four choices. Yum as it was, I think I need some veggies in my life now. Probably also some exercise. Yep, probably.




7. Tony [my brother] is on time.


Every year I think this might change. I walk into his room right at the moment we’re supposed to leave to shoot, to attend a show or to pick up clothes, and I find him in bed. He looks up at me like a ghost whose just been told he can come back to life: with absolute shock.




I’ve never wanted to hit someone with a pillow so hard, and yet, I’m sure I’ll come back next year and still do the same thing: agree to do Fashion Week with him, just to reach a level of absolute frustration when our sleeping [and can I say organisation] tendencies inevitably clash. Tony actually said he hates mornings the other day.


I mean, if that’s not as far from me as you can get, I don’t know what is.




8. I’m sticking to my post schedule.


I should be on Day 4 by now (it’s Day 5 currently). But hey, you do what you can.




We always do [and say] what we can.


McKenzie xx


Wearing: Witchery copper pants and heels, criss-cross tie crop (opshop find), Flo + Frankie Expectations Khaki Blazer, Lovisa jewellery.


Outfit imagery captured by Tony Collins [edited by McKenzie Collins]. NZFW imagery captured + edited by McKenzie Collins.

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