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I began Currently Loving in November 2011. After indulging in others’ content on tumblr, I was eager to do more than reblog their work; instead to create and to inspire others with my own. Of course, it was an endeavour to the middle that started from the bottom. I remember writing about Summer and my excitement for it’s arrival (yes, a whole post on this. No, don’t look it up).

Anyway, in light of passion, I kept going. As it turns out, it’s kind of (low-key) the thing I want to contribute in this world. Fret not: I have improved since my summer-loving days – at least in my ability to identify a good topic.

Nowadays I talk of personal experiences: learning, growing up, reaching conclusions, developing morals and seeking success (in it’s most authentic form, that is, happiness). I align this closely with individual style – also constantly developing, impacting who we are and how we hold ourselves. To me, fashion is more than a mechanism which guides the way others perceive us. Even more so, it is one that aids the way we see ourselves.

My aims for Currently Loving are simple. Whether it be in dress or in life in general, if I can initiate a single individual’s act of confidence; their standing up for who they are or what they believe in; their ability to be strengthened by insecurities or mistakes; their living of life to the fullest (through travel, social interaction or new experiences); their celebration of moments, further yet, of the person through which they’re experienced – then a post has been worthwhile. If you are to walk away from this blog feeling more content in who you are and the things you’re doing in life, then equally purposeful to your reading has been my effort.

Currently Loving is as much about the readers as it is about venting my adoration for Rihanna and the colour black as well as recurring philosophical drivel.

I sincerely hope that you get something out of your visit. Otherwise, if you have a laugh about my post on Summer or discover the pancake recipe I once shared (?), that’s okay too.

Imagery or videos are usually courtesy of myself, if not otherwise stated. Please do not use original material without sourcing back to this blog. If by chance, an off-site source is not credited or done so inaccurately, feel free to contact me.

McKenzie xx

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