Virtual Fitness Program by McKenzie Collins

We don’t always get to choose where we start, but we can choose where we go from here.

Kenzie, trainer at Currently Loving FIIT.


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I began teaching classes when Covid-19 first hit, as a way to motivate, connect with and empower my online community. The introduction of memberships was a natural next step. I wanted more than to teach a single class, but to take individuals like yourself on a transformative journey. To traverse the ups and downs with you. To be there for lifting you up and keeping you accountable when things get tough. To show you the power of a balanced and holistic training schedule, and the benefits over time for your MIND and for your BODY

The Currently Loving FIIT program consists of bodyweight strength training, in order to develop a strong foundation for your fitness by building lean muscle mass; improving stability, balance, form and execution. This is combined with circuit HIIT training: a combination of resistance, cardio and plyometric exercises that encourage your muscles to work at maximum force for short periods of time. 

Such explosive movement promotes an increase in your maximum oxygen intake, burns fat, fatigues your muscles and boosts your resting metabolism, resulting in calorie burn for hours after your workout. Long story short, the CL FIIT program is designed to make you a truly functional athlete from the inside out (unstoppable mindset included).

With no equipment required, CL FIIT guarantees there are no barriers to your progression. Real-time classes can be completed anywhere, anytime, proving that it is possible to prioritise ourselves, even when life gets busy. There’s no need to “make it to the gym.” All we need to do is find 2m of space and tune into a workout! As for the motivation to keep going, I’m right there with you the whole time.

Meet your trainer, Kenzie!

Hi, I’m Kenzie! 

I’m an independent digital creative, lifestyle & self development blogger, podcast host and most importantly, your qualified fitness trainer at Currently Loving FIIT. If there’s one thing you can probably discern from my introduction, it’s that motivation and determination are two of my strongest suits, combined with a serious passion for self-betterment. 

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It’s why I created Currently Loving FIIT.

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My fitness journey first began at around 15 years old. After years of arguing with my own habits, the way I looked and how I showed up for myself, I finally took responsibility for my own health and wellbeing. I slowly introduced daily exercise and re-defined my own perception of a balanced diet (of which I’d never really found during childhood). I lost over 16kg, but my new-found confidence had nothing to do with a number on the scales. 

It came from making a commitment to myself, and to seeing it through. It came from the awareness that I could do anything I set my mind to, not just in health & fitness, but in any (and all) arenas in life. To this day, I believe that a positive program is defined not only by progressing in fitness, but holistically, in life in general.

I can’t wait to be apart of that progression with you! Thank you for choosing Currently Loving FIIT.

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Please note: membership cancellations can be completed at any time. Simply “Manage Automatic Payments” on Paypal and cancel recurring payment.

Monthly members will retain access to classes, workout library/FB group until one month since final payment. Weekly members are encouraged to attend any remaining classes, and will no longer receive class links via e-mail the following week.

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