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You look good in anything you wear. Really?

  Just about every second night, I rock up at my boyfriend’s place dressed in his grey trackpants (arguably mine), a pair of stained Nike sneakers and at the very least, four layers of jumpers on top. I literally look like The Rock after a cheat meal – perhaps even

The Importance of Outer Beauty

It is a wonder to discover that in a world so beguiled by self-image, we can still discern what it is to be truly beautiful. A word layered with endlessly more meaning than the likes of ‘hot’ and ‘sexy’, to relate it to self is far from media-inspired. Belief in

5 things you should know about

1. Melie’s Kitchen I remember when I was five and ‘cake time’ was a regularity, even an expectation of birthday parties. A fan or not, we all anticipated the moment for what it entailed. This, of course, was a multitude of things. In addition to a birthday wish, granted was permission

All or Nothing: What Would a Sane Person Do?

A couple of weeks back, I realised the way in which we take strength for granted. Unwell, I found myself bedridden for about a week. For all the times it has been rare in my life, I voiced an indefinite and unwavering no to all that was offered outside the


I remember the day I finally held myself accountable. It was sudden and unprecedented, like most encounters we’ll have with change. Not surprisingly, this turning point occurred in front of the mirror. I’d stopped and looked at myself, only to face a familiar discomfort with the opposing reflection. Nearing 16,

So I heard you lost yourself

I have been tired. A kind of tired that I cannot associate with a place, or a people. It stems from the watch that doesn’t work on my left arm; the wind that appears to blow so confidently this time of year. I have spent days laughing at the way

World of Fashion (not so Fashion-y)

At 8pm last Thursday, I was dressed in yellow gypsy pants, a friend’s woollen turtle neck and a pair of grey slides. I’m mid-gram when my phone buzzes. It’s an e-mail confirming the launch of World of Fashion, an app where you act as a celebrity stylist, shopping for clothes

Missguided by Attraction

“Ooh, that’s not a good angle,” he said. I no longer wanted to share the rest of my holiday photos. I’d flicked onto one of my friend – though it made little difference to know that it was her he was referring. It may as well have been you or

Loud Places

My haven at the moment, it’s in the middle of The Hub at Victoria Uni. More than a study zone, this is a locale for “social study”; a place which regardless of the books in front of us is inviting of guests. Alone, we dither away time between lectures people-watching.

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