Things You Won’t Remember When You Die

I’ve been wanting to write a post for a while, and it’s called, Things You Won’t Remember When You Die. It’s not meant to sound as disastrously bleak and suicidal as it potentially does (to be fair, you could read it as a confirmation of life’s little value). Its bluntness

The Day I Wore A Short Skirt to Work

Roughly 3 weeks to a month ago, I confirmed I was coming back to writing for good. At this time, all I knew was how much I wanted to start again. But I’d made a promise without paying thought to how I would keep it. Unsurprisingly, I have not uttered

The First Entry

This Christmas I was gifted a whimsical journal titled ‘musings’ on the cover. For days of December I dated entries and placed small thoughts. I tied the turquoise bow and coupled it with New World receipts and travel pamphlets in my leather bag. Here it has stayed much of Summer.

5 Reasons You Didn’t Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

Well, well, well. It would seem we’ve found ourselves in another year. Happy New Year everyone! Here’s hoping your celebrations were anything but dull. If you follow my Instagram, you’ll know I made it back to Auckland for family Christmas. I shoulder-hopped my way into the New Year once again

The Importance of Outer Beauty

It is a wonder to discover that in a world so beguiled by self-image, we can still discern what it is to be truly beautiful. A word layered with endlessly more meaning than the likes of ‘hot’ and ‘sexy’, to relate it to self is far from media-inspired. Belief in

First Year Uni: What I really learnt.

Last Thursday at 10.30am, I completed my first year at university. While it carried with it a sense of relief, The End docked with much less triumph than I imagined it would. It felt indefinite, unsure if this was the destination, if we’d even boarded the right ship. For weeks now,

My Greatest Fear

I have come, perhaps with the age of false indestructibility, to fear little. In fact – and I don’t mean to begin on such a bleak note – I barely fear death. Sure, to fathom the pain scares me. The idea that I will not complete all I hope to

5 things you should know about

1. Melie’s Kitchen I remember when I was five and ‘cake time’ was a regularity, even an expectation of birthday parties. A fan or not, we all anticipated the moment for what it entailed. This, of course, was a multitude of things. In addition to a birthday wish, granted was permission

For the love of Melbourne

I have this dream. Up against Dr King’s, I’ll admit, it’s a pretty petty one. It’d make sense as an opening speech; the sort that can’t be heard because people are still bustling about, waiting for the person they came to see. The likelihood is they can’t even physically see

Breakfast at Knuefermann’s

On Thursday last week, I stood outside the Knuefermann store at 9am. I lifted my glasses at the window, peering with a quiet admiration. I was Holly Golightly outside Tiffany’s in New York, 1943. In the background, Moon River was playing, and I could almost make out the very water

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