I wore track pants to NZFW. Here’s why it matters.

  Day 5 of NZFW, I began with a rather charming, resort-style outfit. By about 6pm, I had exchanged floral for monochrome; Kate Spade’s ambassador for Michael Jackson 2003.   Eh, perhaps I’m overselling it.   I got cold. That’s right, it happens. Even at Fashion Week. In fact, especially

So.. what are you doing with your life?

    It is on two occasions – both at family dinner and in midst of NZFW – that I’ve found life tends to raise a hand with its most frequently asked question.   So what exactly are you planning to do with me, it asks.   Well, not in

NZFW // Weddings, Wynn Hamlyn and that’s a Wrap.

  To the absolute pleasure of some, NZFW has finally closed its curtains for 2017. A friend had announced some wise words earlier in the week, “come Friday and I really don’t want to be here”, as if to predict the way I too would feel by close. I was

You look good in anything you wear. Really?

  Just about every second night, I rock up at my boyfriend’s place dressed in his grey trackpants (arguably mine), a pair of stained Nike sneakers and at the very least, four layers of jumpers on top. I literally look like The Rock after a cheat meal – perhaps even

So you think you’re above NZFW?

  The last few days, majority of us media hounds have frequented Viaducts Events Centre for the infamous NZFW. I needn’t tell you though – it’s been everywhere. To an audience of international buyers as well as to the fashionably-swayed of the public (whether socially, stylishly or both), a range

How to attend NZFW // A First Timer’s Guide

  That I feel reasonably at home at NZFW nowadays is hardly to say I always did. In fact, being here again often reminds me of the unfortunate way I did start out. One of my friends (and once photographer) Mallory – long-time followers may recall the name – joined

NZFW // Parties, Problems & Pick-Me-Ups.

  So guys, I wrote a whole post. Actually multiple. And then, get this, Day 3 of NZFW, the day when all would be released of my own tired hands, my laptop decided to freeze mid-login. I could not so much as view my desktop, let alone, access anything residing

The Power of Opinion

  I remember sitting in my writing class several years back with a very clear aspiration. Every few days, we would head up to the library and I would loan from them magazines like Time. Its feature writers and columnists, to me, wrote with such an attractive eloquence; I sought


  I’m not sure that I know how to vacate. I am so well acquainted with this competition: it’s called how many things can I possibly do in 12 hours. And the prize is satisfaction. For me, the concept of relaxing – of (god forbid) giving up the pursuit –

7 Reasons Your Body is not a Temple

  temple ˈtɛmp(ə)l/ noun a building devoted to the worship of a god or gods.   1. Temples are constructed with certainty and permanence.   You and your body are in constant construction. Each day you consume a mouthful or take a breathe; move a step or walk a mile, your

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