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No, I did not spend the week at fashion week. And no, I have not been to Paris. No, I do not own Elie Saab, and no, I do not have a guy willing to dedicate his life to me. But you know what? Today, I laughed and laughed and laughed. And for the first time in forever, I did not receive the stare from the teacher urging me to stop. So I didn’t. And when I looked over at my friend’s laptop screen to see that it was yet again 2:13pm, and I was sitting in a classroom, I was not disappointed. I was not resentful. Because although there are so many times I am done with school. And I am over the thought. I am simply content in laughing. And fascinatingly joyed by people. My thankfulness towards such a mood has only grown as I’ve gotten older, and as Augustus of The Fault In Our Stars would say, I decided a while ago not to deny myself the simple pleasure of hysteria. 
So you know what, I wouldn’t swap right now for the world. For we are all going different places. And me? I’m going too. 
McKenzie xx


  • McKenzie Collins

    Haha I look back and laugh at these little things I write! They are so relevant to how I feel at the time, it's wonderful to get it out! Glad you enjoy it too! Just about to check out your blog! Thanks again for the comment!

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