NZFW – Huffer S/S ’13 Show

October has brought great things already. The sun, to Auckland for one (check out my instagram!). And the holidays! But it has also meant saying good bye to another beloved thing. Although some said good bye to fashion week a while ago, here on Currently Loving, thanks to the much-appreciated school workload as of the last weeks of term, fashion week – rather month – is still very much the present. So we live it up. But only for a while longer. These last two days of posts regarding NZFW (or weekend, as I attended), highly anticipated or not, come at a bit of a different time than the usual (i.e the week or week after the event). Though with the sun finally out, to me, the Spring/Summer collections only seem more relevant to be discussed now. And this, I convince myself, is where those with impeccable time management skills lose out.
On the second day of New Zealand Fashion Weekend, I attended Huffer’s Spring/Summer show. I was very excited because although watching high end fashion shows of creative approach, and intentional extravagance (online, for me) is inspiring, it’s refreshing and relieving to be faced with such wearable and all-the-while trendy clothing. More or less, clothes you can see, want, and more likely proceed in getting. Huffer is not a high end fashion brand, creating perfect accessibility. I especially love it for the way it gives guys more than a knee-length top and jeans to wear. 

Along with loose-fitting dresses, cool sneakers, chinos and classic prints, Huffer also brought bandanas, and backed boat shoes, as well as breaking the rule of combining navy blue and black. Sport-inspired, and mostly minimum-risk adventurous, the collection is once again perfect for teenagers. I especially love their use of both navy and pastel blue, which seem to classify the day and night of spring/summer. A fine balance of light and uplifting, prior to smart and surprisingly bold. 
My favourite track to support the show – Anthem by Onra. The mix played just as big of a part of the show as the appealing collection, with heart-throbbingly loud tracks. The loud that literally gets into you, to the point where some find it invasive I suppose – unlike me, who receives a certain thrill of being taken to another place in all senses. 
Another part of the show that caused a bit of debate was the ending. In fact, I’m still slightly confused by it, but at the time, I was amused. Huffer played their teaser for the Spring 2013 campaign at the beginning of the show, which involves ‘Jackass’ star David England camping across Tokyo, a place where Huffer gained inspiration for many prints and designs in their collection. At the end of the show, he followed the models, running shirtless with the tent and placed it at the end of the catwalk, and hustled inside it, shouting inaudible but nevertheless funny lines every so often. The models then started getting people from the audience to dance with them around the tent, which seemed quite a laugh, though others claimed it unprofessional and confusing, considering it wasn’t really clear when the show had finished. Sure, the models didn’t really look like they knew what they were doing once England came on, and it probably would have worked better if more organized, but I liked the idea of it. It was a bit of fun, a light-hearted way to end a well executed show. It meant that people didn’t take it all too seriously. And I suppose that’s what Huffer is about. 
Look forward to the last NZFW post, a little bit on the Remix Magazine seminar I went to! 
McKenzie xx
(Despite my attempted effort from third row, mine proved not to be extremely blog-worthy)

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