Oh Deer, I’ve shared it.

Meet My Deer Fox. You’re gonna want to get to know eachother.

Last week, I pulled my brother and sister along on a train trip to Kingsland (a surprisingly short one, they now admit), to visit one of the newest shops to New North Road, Terrarium – or otherwise, home to the primarily-leather goodies that are MyDeerFox. Similarly to when I first listened to Lorde on SoundCloud, I have a hunch about this brand. You know when you can tell something is going to be big? And you want to savour every moment while it is in reach? Well, this is like that. But I’ve recently realized, there is little point in trying to preserve something good in it’s youthful moment. Frankly, something this good will be out in no time anyway. 118 people are already talking about it on Facebook. So I figure, the key is to treasure it at it’s humble size together. Basically, I’ve told myself, don’t be selfish- share it anyway. That way we can all pretend we were the first to discover it. It will be great (and hilarious.. ever come across another person who believes they discovered your favourite band first?).
Lisa Li, founder of up-and-coming brand MyDeerFox, has created an innovative collection of leather bags, bracelets and other accessories, that definitely set her brand aside from any other. If there was a gap for leather in the market, there is no doubt that it has now been filled. The range is simplistic and chic. Classy and sophisticated. And I guarantee you, worth the investment. I couldn’t resist buying a beautifully handmade bracelet myself (to which I am very excited to show you in it’s prime soon). As for the retail store, Terrarium, I was entranced. It is set up so enticingly rustic and vintage, with modern leather items creating a contrast as lovely as, well, Lisa herself. With a contagious laugh, and kind personality, she welcomed us into her store delightedly. The store is small, but let’s be honest, often all good things are. 
Original, eye-catching and officially being sold in Ruby boutique. This is just the beginning for MyDeerFox.
McKenzie xx


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