January: Delays resolutions.

Letting off paper lanterns // Remember the St. Clarity music video by The Paper Kites? Well, it came to life in Auckland city!
Ah.. coming up 10 days into 2014 and I’m still referring to it as next year. Despite how much I love New Year celebrations, as far as resolutions go, I wish the gap between making them and already having to begin them was a little bit longer. Just so we could avoid the gym, eat the leftovers, and lounge around enough to accept that change is amidst – before we must actually adjust, that is. The turnover of 11:59pm of one year to 12am of another, sets you a fresh slate, and as long as the 2014 clock keeps ticking, the kickstart into resolutions sits on your shoulders, but also the idea that you could fail them as soon as you start. Anxious, yes. Lazy, also yes. It’s a first-world problem that I probably shouldn’t be dwelling over, though they do say admitting it is the first step. So while ‘new-year-new-me’ is certainly making a ringing comeback worldwide, I’m trying a different, realistic approach. I’m off for a few more days of relaxation at my friend’s bach (I should add: enjoying myself, hell yes). And then maybe when I come back I’ll actually write something in that planner I bought in the boxing day sales. Though the point: some of the best things come unplanned. Don’t stress. Meeting resolutions, like this lovely NZ summer, will happen when they’re meant to as well.
McKenzie xx

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