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Us having a chat (*chuckles* – kidding, no one actually does this)
Okay so here’s the thing. The other day I started writing for a post (indeed another spiel), because I was in the mood – I had this inclination and all. Anyway, it turns out just because you have an inclination to write, doesn’t mean (at all) that anything you write is going to turn out somewhat decent. In fact, I wrote paragraphs about sh**-all that I realized meant nothing to no one. I was so appalled I had to take yet another few days of blogging off. Hahaha. It took me a while to come back, not because I’m lazy (though I can be), but because I was too worried that the same sh** would land on the computer screen again. And I figure you may be thinking, this story is that sh** in other words, i.e an explanation that merely fixes a hole in my heart, but once again in general means nothing. But there is, as rare as they are in my spiels, a point. I’ve come to a conclusion. And it doesn’t matter if I’m the first or the last, all that matters is I’m here now, and I want to tell you because it’s a good place to be. It’s taken me a good time to realize forcing something never amounts to what you expect or hope for. Even if it originally feels unforced. If it’s not there, it’s just not. But as blatant as it sounds, when it comes, it will come. And at that time, you’ll be satisfied. Until then, let it be. Because what you force will never sum to what flows when it’s meant to. At least that’s what I think. Also, don’t take sh** too seriously. Haha. It happens too often for you to do so. 
All aside, my brother’s playing Stevie Wonder upstairs. 
Welcome to February, readers. It’s gonna be a fab month, to say the least. 
McKenzie xx

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