Eyes Wide Open (featuring My Deer Fox)

In a world of big names, and weighty qualifications, it’s so easy to forget that if you want to do something, you can actually make it happen. You don’t have to wait to
 be a singer to sing, and you don’t have to wait to be the editor of Vogue before you create an editorial. This took a while to hit. But once it did, I was at an idyllic place 
with an ill-defined idea. Brother, sister, check; photographer, assistant, check. The best camera we have in hand, and from what we could hope for, a day of good
 weather, and mid-session mochas. 
The result: a mixture of freedom, and clarity. The familiar, and the unknown. Resorting to childhood, and growing up. Or more simply, frolicking around a field, until 
I nailed an ‘it’ll do’ model face- I seriously don’t know how they do it. I admit, there were many almost perfect photos. I say almost because as soon as we zoomed in, 
my face and whatever it was doing became a lot more apparent. Then there was the off-road runner, who decided to run past three times mid-shoot. 
But, amongst all of this, My Deer Fox. Embossed initials and white daises I’ve been favouring a lot lately. 
Honestly, we played around and we had fun with it. And I’m pretty happy with the result. 
Hope you like it too,
McKenzie xx

5 thoughts on “Eyes Wide Open (featuring My Deer Fox)

  1. Hey! It wasn't actually, though I did love that song. I had just watched the first episode of Friday Night Lights, which was titled the same thing. I had the same sort of things in mind as the episode was based on 🙂


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