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I’ve finally figured out Kanye West’s trick to being so self-assured. It’s not in his personality, it’s not in his music, it’s not even in his dislike for Taylor Swift, nope –
 I kid you not, it’s all in his coats. Or so I believe. Try to sit there and tell me you wouldn’t think you were something special walking around town in this. Now that, 
is passed trench confidence. That is Kanye confidence. I’m anticipating my winter go-to, and it’s not even mine. I owe it all to him. And so do you – whether it be a trench, 
a parka, fur, velvet, leather, big-collared, collarless or hooded – Kanye’s been and done it. We’re all just followers now. But this time, I’m happy to join the train. People 
just don’t question other people in Kanye Coats. Kanye knows that it doesn’t matter if you don’t know where you’re going because in a coat like his, you’re only going 
to the top. The photos display a few for the girls that I love, found in Celine Fall 2012 & Paul and Joe Fall 2014 ready-to-wear collections, and also amongst 
NYFW street style. But seriously, knee-length (or longer) big-collared coats are what op shops thrive on. I plan to hit them big time in preparation 
for winter. 
Someone be daring and go to the supermarket in a Kanye coat please. Better yet, go with your pyjamas underneath. 
It will be totally contradicting and awesome. I’ll be there alongside you.
McKenzie xx
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