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To say I’m welcoming a weekend full of work would be overly optimistic. It’s true I’m a positive person – but not that positive. Me, I’m positive enough to find the
good things in such a weekend, but negative (or realistic) enough to feel the need to look for them. Along with typical heart-mending food (i.e chocolate),
lounging clothing is another one that feels good for the soul on a weekend like this.
So I turn my style inspiration from sophisticated Kanye coats (which become old news), to oversized jumpers and shirts, striped basic tees, and an old denim skirt.
Giving you the option to dress careless and pretty if you want to.. or completely contradict Audrey’s effortless beauty in an attempt (or not at all) to pull off ‘effortless wreck’.
Do it simply because you can. And because it’s good to let go. Don’t get this look confused with sluggish, the one that almost always results in no work done, and a health kick –
 something to be avoided if you want to enjoy the lavishly good food I mentioned above.. and not feel too bad about it. Instead, let’s choose combinations that are
 potentially embarrassing (but we secretly love), and items that would usually remain untouched – because well, they’re them – but are so comfy, we just can’t not.
Let’s do it because it’s relaxing. It’s rags come riches. It’s calming, it’s cozy. It’s you as a child on a rainy night; It’s the same child playing ‘dress the celebrity’ and
laughing at the hair you gave Miley Cyrus. If you care about messages, this one surprisingly says, I know what I’m doing- so much so, that I could wear my pyjamas today
 and I’d still be accomplished.
And then on Monday, or whenever you decide to vacate the secure and non-judgemental walls of your home, have enough confidence to wear an outfit out,
of the same caliber. Wear your sunday ruins, better yet, your mustard coloured turtleneck, and obtrusively printed pants – or rather the most comfortable outfit ever –
 to the bank, and wonder why you didn’t do it earlier. Of all, even if the tasks you’re doing aren’t relaxing, make your clothes the thing that balance it all out.
And as always with the looks: ignore them.
Like any reward, once it’s in sight, better yet in your hands, you almost forget about the journey. You’ll forget you wore a green shawl to the supermarket and
you’ll forget you ate an entire ice cream tub yourself. You’ll also forget the weird feeling of 3am eyes, and the buzz of your tired, overused alarm – the one that this time
I’m determined won’t be set: ON. Instead, the sound will saunter across my room at 6:45 on Monday and I’ll be on top of things (yes, counter to other occasions).
With the oddly-fabulous feeling of comfort.
McKenzie xx
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