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The Coast (or what I wore to NZFW)

Last week was busy. Downright hectic, in fact. I attempted, as I do, to balance potentially the most important week of internals at school, with NZFW – 
fashion (or fashun) central. The week started on a high, with the opening on Tuesday night. I spent the night people-watching, outfit-admiring (and sipping 
champagne) while one of my friends, Molly, ran around snapping models posing in designer collections we’d be soon to see. There was a speech by Kate 
Sylvester, cake-cutting (which wasn’t actually cut until later, despite what the instagram accounts claim), and a live snippet of the new Cirque Du Soleil – 
which I must now see. Incredible. For me, bumping into the guys at Four Eyes, and hearing Len Brown talk #fashion certainly topped it. 


A couple of days break, and I was back for Kate Sylvester’s show on Thursday evening with Charlotte. A late start but nothing good ever started early
 anyway. The long, flowing dresses and knitted scarves had me wanting to 1, roam bookstores on a rainy day, and 2, dine in Paris. The collection was elegant, 
sophisticated and natural. Contrasting possibly to the Hailwood after-party we sadly missed. Let’s move on to the weekend. I met up with Mallory for what I
 like to call our annual collab – you might remember last year? Anyway, we took some photos near the wharf. They remind me of white beaches on grey days, 
warm jumpers above fish and chips on newspaper. Unintentionally, but kind of ‘New Zealand’. NZFW is the same. We do it our own way here. 
And while that’s off-putting and embarassing for some, it’s kind of heart-warming at the best of times. 
That Sunday, we went to an A.O.K show featuring Nick Von K and Hailwood. Hailwood wasn’t overly impressive – I didn’t feel the blue and brown 
print was good enough to be used for the amount of pieces it is in the summer collection. I didn’t know what to expect from Nick Von K. I sure didn’t expect models in
 tight, white unitards (covering even the faces). They walked the catwalk with enlarged versions of The Baron and the Baroness collection, stopping in the middle and 
at the end of the catwalk. They finished, as mannequins do, still, along the catwalk for people to admire the jewellery – of which was bold, original and intricate.
 The show was so visually effective, and the soundtrack added to the whole mysterious, oddly romantic theme, I sat there wide-eyed for the most of it. 
Stolen Girlfriend’s Club show was more of a given. Not that the brand is predictable, not at all, but it’s hard not to love the tomboyish edge they bring to 
NZ fashion. Cheers to them for bringing back plaid and renewing the biker jacket trend for another year or so. After, we ended the evening at Miss Clawdy’s – 
seemingly the hub of hungry fashion week attendees.
Even when the environment can seem somewhat pretentious, you’ve got to love the buzzing atmosphere of Fashion Week. The people who are friendly, 
are so friendly. You’re left inspired in ways you didn’t think you could be, every damn time. It’s one hectic, worthwhile week.
McKenzie xx

Photos: Mallory Christie

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